All tangled up

In a huge mass of wire

It cuts into my life

The pain burns like fire.

I try to get out

I twist

and I turn

But the wire cuts deeper

And makes my gut churn.

Wound up so tight

There’s no way to escape

It scratches my brain

Until my mind breaks.






 actually wrote this poem when I was a teen…  I remember how it bothered me when I wrote it. I didn’t really like it – but, it hit home regardless. I wanted to share it back then, but was afraid people would think I was losing my mind. I remember I wrote it on a desk in school… without my name. People made graffiti comments back to the same effect – either very negatively, or that they could relate. In spite of the negative feedback on that desk, I remember feeling relieved that I wasn’t the only one who felt like that sometimes. So, I was glad I shared it anonymously on that desk. I thought I would share it again now… and see what graffiti it might draw…

One Comment to “Stress”

  1. I think some of the best poems are written by those making the transition from childhood to adulthood. There is such a direct line of communication without artificial devices covering up the truth of the poem.

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