Wishing for the Moon

I feel your eyes set on me now,
Daring me to glance your way,
But I ‘m afraid and won’t look back,
I avoid your hypnotic gaze.

And all the while I do ignore,
And talk and smile with them,
I feel your stare piercing thru,
My heart beats fast again.

Just as the night so long ago,
When all was almost lost,
The night my guard crashed down hard,
And lines were almost crossed.

I was yours for one slow dance, 
Your eyes locked into mine,
Souls exposed, hearts beat as one,
For one brief moment in time.

Sweet and interupted dream,
Is all that it can be.
It wasn’t real.  It wasn’t real.
It was pure fantasy.

So, why do you stare now?
From far across the room?
I can not look. I will not look.
It’s like wishing for the moon.


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