Glistening strands of blonde hair fly
Aimlessly around her face.
Her lips, her eyes, across her nose,
Again and again they give chase.

Suddenly one whips her eye,
Her vision blurring with a tear,
Fingers seek the culprit curl,
Tucking it behind her ear.

Pedal down, pick up the pace,
The speed evokes a pleasant chill,
No longer can her ears hold back,
Escapee wanton tendrils.

One hand upon the steering wheel,
The other skims her eyes,
A smile ensues across her lips,
No other car she’d rather drive.

Free as the shiny golden strands,
Soak up the sun, forget the past.
Abandon attempts to restrain.
Speed away,
   Drive away,
       Fly away fast.

~ smj

4 Comments to “Convertible”

  1. Ah, Glad you didn’t split..This is awesome

  2. Very nice, Sam! Love the imagery!

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