Treat Me Like a Stranger

Treat me like a stranger,
With smiles and courtesy,
I don’t care if it’s not real.
I’ll nod and fake agree.

With them you joke.
    You laugh. 
         You smile.
You talk so easily.
So kind, agreeable and calm,
With them,
But not with me.

When the rest all head for home.
Your good nature seems to wait,
Watching until they’ve turned the bend,
And, then your face goes strait.

Your whole demeanor takes a change,
When we are all alone.
The smiles and jokes all disappear,
Your voice loses all tone.

I try to talk and laugh and smile,
Searching for the man they see.
But he has gone,
    And you just stare. 
We slip back to silent familiarity.

I remember when we first met,
You smiled and joked with me.
Then weathered years took their toll,
Along with bliss and glee.

Do you hide the truth from them?
Your anger, pain and hurt?
Or do they bring out the best in you
And, I bring out your worst?

I wish you’d be the man with me,
That you become with them.
So treat me like a stranger,
And, I’ll pretend it’s not pretend.


12 Comments to “Treat Me Like a Stranger”

  1. “And, I’ll pretend it’s not pretend.” Great last line. I certainly love this poem. It’s extremely easy to relate with, at least for me it is.

    Hey, I’m going to link to your blog. I’d love if you linked to mine.

  2. thanks kacoldwell. =) and, sure…. link away..

  3. and I’ll pretend it’s not pretend—nice finish.

  4. regretably he would probably just dismiss it as jealousy or envy if he were to pay enough attention to know of your hurt

    i myself have experienced this same distance, where i got too close, to the point everything had to be so damned serious, leaving me sitting alone watching the one who used to enjoy playing so much with me have fun with total strangers, excusing it as social banter that could only be done under those terms. but while i too felt that longing to have such alienation erode enough of the closeness so that it might turn me into a stranger once more so i could again enjoy that fun we’d lost, i’m afraid i was not nearly so poetic about it as you have been here

    i like the sharp pictures you draw to express these elusive feelings. and i like the natural intimacy in your writing that makes it feel like we are listening to the way your heart moves

    if this comes from an all-too-personal real experience you ahve faced, then i for one am grateful for being enough a stranger to have been able to share it from you. thank you

    . m

    • . m –

      Thank you for sharing a part of you, and for such a thoughtful response to this. I am touched by your (very kind) words, and appreciate so much that you took the time to write them. I wish I had better words to write back to you at the moment… but, it’s late… and my eyes are heavy… and, I hope another “thank you” will do.

  5. I can relate to this so much. This has become one of my favorite and am going to keep this one with me :)
    Your writings are bliss!
    Keep writing…..Thanks!

    • Thank you… but, I’m sorry you can relate… it’s not a very good song to relate to… but, all too true.

      the good news is… it’s no longer true… =)

  6. I can very much relate. Wonderful expression.

  7. Wow! This so well describes exactly what I have experienced that I could of written it too. Brilliant post thank you for sharing. Xxx

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