What Demons Lie?

What demons lie,  beneath your skin?
Take hold of your soul,
And move right in?

What demons have you, from which you hide?
Don’t you know you can’t run,
From what dwells deep inside?

When will the demons next opt to come out?
When you least expect it- expect it!
Yeah, that’s when… no doubt.

How long will you let the demons stay?
Yes, “let them”, I asked,
By invitation and pay.
No cost is too high for a good demon-day!
Surely you jest when you cast them away!?

These demons of yours, me thinks you do use.
A sacrifice worthwhile,
For such faultless excuse.

Why do the demons sneer in the mirror?
They must know your secrets.
They see your fears.
They whisper to you,
That they aren’t really real.
That it’s you in the mirror
That it’s you that must heal.

But demons, they lie…  of course! It’s a fact!
Don’t listen to them!
Just welcome them back.

Tomorrow is another day.
Perhaps tomorrow, you can pray them away.
But, don’t pray too hard.
Or you might just scare them away.
And, lord knows you are due,
For a good demon-day!


14 Comments to “What Demons Lie?”

  1. Good one! The style is not my cup of tea but that’s irrelevant. You captured some excellent concepts. The core idea is repeated but seen from a slightly different direction with each repetition. I like that. And, of course, we love our demons or they wouldn’t stay, would they?

  2. Ahh! Good stuffs!
    Love this “No cost is too high for a good demon-day!”
    “But demons, they lie… of course! It’s a fact!
    Don’t listen to them!
    Just welcome them back.”
    —> One must learn to embrace the demons and love them !
    Yeah you should check out the StumbleUpon.com site. Waaaayyy cool. Lots of poets and poet appreciators on there. :) And thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

  3. Thanks JN – I appreciate the feedback and visit. =)

    Dakasky – Thanks for your comments also. I’m glad you liked it. =) Embrace and love the demons, you say, huh? I will try that…. but, if I get burned (sorry, bad pun), it’s on your head. ;) I will check out the StumbleUpon too… I got a lot of hits from it. Amazing!

  4. Your poems are excellent! A different style and theme each time, smoothly flowing, catchy and memorable without being cheesy. I take my hat off to you, since you’re clearly a superior poet to me!

  5. Thank you, Cedes. I appreciate the nice comment and visit. =)
    However, I read some of your poems… on your blog… and you are being more than modest. You write very, VERY, well. I am, but an amatuer and no better than you (or most). Thank you again, though.

  6. I appreciate your writing. Looking foward to reading more.

  7. Miss,
    Introspect is a curse and material for poets. I liked this one very much!
    I appreciate the nuances’.

    Thank you

    • Trapped –
      thanks much… and,I love the tag line on your blog..
      “Inescapably trapped between my past and my future”
      I look forward to checking out more there…

  8. nicceeeeee……we all torture ourselves dont we?

  9. Well ya know what gals, don’t torture yourselves, cause there are a few of us good guys out there, that don’t pride themselves, in breaking the hearts of women.
    Find one of them, and hold on to them forever, and you will forget the ugliness of your pasts.
    Take care, be good, and smile.

  10. Very well played, Sam. I can see the correlations. The one I wrote that is similar to this one was based on a misuse of a homonym while commenting on Jon Norland’s site. Funny. I see he has already been here! Hi Jon! So I made a mistake ( http://handwrittenwords.wordpress.com/2009/02/08/steeling-myself/#comments ) and put exercise instead of exorcise. So I made a cheeky little poem about it.
    There is a Zen saying, “No Resistance” that seems to be coming through in your words here. Just be, and don’t try to hard to shake anything off. Everything has a purpose.

  11. an excellent compliment to my own poem. Thanks so much for sharing the link. I know there is so much on other’s blogs I have yet to explore. The more Followers I get, the more blogs I personally Follow, the harder it gets to explore and keep up.

    • Keeping up is over-rated… I hope… at least that is what I tell myself because I find it quite improbable, if not impossible. ;) But, your poem did remind me of this one, I wrote with tongue in cheek a few years back. Thanks for trying to keep up at all…

  12. Most of my “demon” poems are older, thankfully, I ummm never write with tongue in cheek, nope, never. And I definitely do not have a sense of humor either. And don’t thank me for trying to keep up with your blog/words. It is truly a pleasure!

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