beside me
lay yourself down
where the sheets
grow cold
lay yourself down

the day
it is over
exhale a sound
relief escaping
let it go
and, lay down

your head
needing rest
all day it did pound
lay it here
on my breast
lay your head down

my heart
can you hear it?
talking you down
off your ledge
calming heartbeat
beckons your down

beside me
lay yourself down
to comfort
lay yourself down


7 Comments to “Comfort”

  1. I like this. I like the way it ‘unfolds’, it’s rhythm. It lulls along and I find it very effective.

  2. off the ledge – what a gift.

  3. What a wonderful composition… its so soothing, “comfortable”.. The joys of natural, basic surrendering!

  4. Michael –
    Thanks for visiitng and your comment. This one is very simple.. but, glad you noticed and liked the rhythym in it.

    Janymie –
    thanks. =) we all need someone to talk us down sometimes, eh?

    hello.. and thank you for the read and kind words. =)

  5. Ooooh I love this one. Reminds of what my gf does for me after a hard day at work. Thank you so much. Being held is one of the best things in life. We all need to be held sometimes.

  6. As D.L. said it is soothing, thats what drew my attention, that it was soothing, passionate and it just leaks a beautiful rythem!=)

  7. Dakasky – thank you.. and, I’m glad you have a girl to hold you. Yes, we all need to be held… and, often.

    bittersweetie – thank you.. I like the rythym in this one too.. so, thanks for noticing, and glad you liked it. =)

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