Raindrops and Heartbeats

Falling gently from the sky
then – splat

The raindrop fell unprepared
not knowing
that was that

The line goes up, the line goes down
then –  flat

The heart will beat on auto pilot
no plan
no defense
for it’s attack

Should a soul still linger on
when raindrops and heartbeats can not?
What makes us think we must survive
when everything else
just stops?

No belief or wish can prepare
Even the best laid plans go wrong
No way to stop a raindrop from falling
or to make a heart beat on

The raindrop and the heartbeat
never knew their end was near
They are, perhaps, the lucky ones,
They never shed a tear.

So, enjoy the ride while it still lasts
This is the last jaunt you’ll get
Raindrops and heartbeats only survive,
In memories
                lest we



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