Ocean Gone

No longer can I see the waves,
Crashing to the shore,
Nor can I feel it’s salty mist,
Or hear it’s constant roar.

Just yesterday I walked in it,
Sea foam swirled around my feet,
It’s surface stretched before me,
As far as I could see.

Another world I did observe,
So powerful and strong,
Depth and mysteries unknown,
Hypnotic rhythmic song.

I left it laying on the shore,
Left it all so far behind,
Just like so many precious things,
Out of sight but not of mind.



Aug 2007

10 Comments to “Ocean Gone”

  1. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent!!! I love the imagery of this poem. Some things are far too grand to ever get out of mind! The ocean, those we love, your blog, to name a few . . .

    When something or someone remains in our mind, we always return to it, even if it’s out of sight. I can taste the salty seas now -although I’m lounging in my own bedroom. This poem puts me right at the beach, watching the sun set, this lovely evening.

    Happy New Year, and Blessings, Sam I am Not!

  2. I think that in these times many people do extraorinary things so often that they just live in the now.
    It makes them very boring to say the least.
    They are hypnotized by going and going.
    They cannot remember the ocean song.

    it is a good poem

  3. Rhyme! Kudos for you, you can’t buy a rhyme of poetry these days. It’s very beautiful and poignant. Eloquent and gentle. makes me miss the beach, I love falling asleep to the sound of waves. For now I just have to listen to my environmental CDs.

    Very nice Samantha.

  4. “sea foam swirled around my feet”–called to mind the image of Boticellie’s Venus rising from the ocean…
    –other worlds–other experiences–
    sights glimped but not fully seen
    ahhhh Samantha…

  5. yes…I loved this….as the beach is so much one of my favorite places…it kinda flowed just like waves that tickle my feet…very nice…

    now if it was only warmer than 16 degrees today….lol

  6. I enjoyed this. Much of what we let go of never is truly gone from us.

  7. cordieb –
    Thank you so much… I’m honored that you think my blog is worth remembering. And yes… I love the ocean too.. and, was writing about it, but also about those people we love… who may be gone from sight.. but, never from our hearts or thoughts.

    opoetoo –
    you’re right… this busy life.. somehow makes it easy to forget the ocean’s song… which is a shame. I hope to never for get it… and I don’t think I will. It calls to me… like the memories of loved ones as well.. neither of which I want to ever forget… so, I hope they keep calling.. and I keep hearing… and remembering…

    Charles –
    Yes.. imagine that.. .Rhymes! LOL I use to almost always write in rhymes.. I just.. like to! I don’t always anymore… but, it tends to come to just flow that way with me… Is that so wrong?? ;)
    And, the ocean’s song – while best in real life – is still good, in whatever format it makes it’s way to our ears and minds. Soothing..
    Thanks for the visit and comment. =)

    47Wb –
    thank you.. and hello. I like that image too, and am thrilled my little poem could remind you of such. The mystery of the sea has always intrigued me. I can stare at the ocean for hours… it’s so amazinly beautiful… and yet, I knew I am only literally skimming the surface of it’s world. Mind boggling, really…

    Summerrain –
    thank you.. and, yes.. I wrote this a while back, just after a nice vacation at the beach… It’s darn cold here now too.. I would love a day at the beach and am missing the ocean now… someday…. someday…

    tobeme –
    exactly…. which makes me wonder… do we ever really let it go, then?? even if/when we want to? Of course, some things… many things.. we let go because we have to… not because of our wants or desires.. maybe those things are the things that stay with us the most..?

  8. wow, this sounds like me and my father’s flannel shirt I still have and will never throw away! I hold it sometimes like he’s hugging me. I swear I can still smell him there! Thanks! :)

    ( http://poemsbysam.wordpress.com/2008/09/29/the-blanket/ )

    • Hi Cheryl,
      If I knew how to movve your comment to the other poem, I would.. maybe, I’ll just mention it there and link to here.

      ANd, I know what you mean about the shirt. It’s nice to have real life reminders… however bitter-sweet they are. As mentioned in the “Empty Spaces” poem (http://poemsbysam.wordpress.com/2007/07/06/empty-spaces/), I always thought that time helps us see the sweet, more than the bitter… but, I don’t know if that ever really happens. Probably not. And, probably rightfully so..

      What comforts me the most when I miss my dad, is realizing how lucky I was to have had him in at all… and, knowing that he would not want me to be sad and depressed – but would rather I remember him with a smile…

      ~ smj

  9. I’m sorry, the above comment was supposed to be for the poem about finding the blanket. Sorry.

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