Past to Present

Try to breathe tomorrow in.
Try to exhale today away,
for the future is the hunter,
the past is only prey.

Yes, tomorrow thinks its won.
Its faster on its feet.
Still, it should remember,
you are only what you eat.

Past lives and painful memories,
repressed and left for dead,
pick up the pieces that you want,
sweep the rest under your bed.

No matter how you slice it,
all the pieces play a part,
managing to come together,
creating singular works of art.

~ smj

6 Comments to “Past to Present”

  1. *crooked smile* the thought of my ravenous future sticking its fork in the fungus of my leftover past gave me a laugh that will tickle the bellyache i know my future will be serving me up over its lack of control over its appetite

    as always, enjoyed reading and re-reading this

  2. your poetry is so musical that it makes sense that you also write lyrics, its so nice to read something so different, will definately be reading more of your work x

  3. L.M. –
    thanks. always good to see your crooked smile… even if it’s accompanied by images of stabbing fungi.. LOL

    poetryfromthebackofmyhand –
    thank you for visiting and commenting. I appreciate the kind words, and hope you do stop back again. =)

  4. Samantha you are the best… I do enjoy your blog so much… You had teach me a lot.
    love and light

    • Solange – I’m truly flattered. Thank you so much. I frequently feel like I don’t know a damn thing.. and, so, I’m not sure what I’m teaching you.. but, I hope it’s something good. =) Your love and light are always welcome here. Thanks again.

  5. really liked this one. very clever.

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