Damn Crickets…

Sleep eludes me.
I hear every cricket.
Their song confirms,
No rest for the wicked.

Think of plans overdue,
Make more for the morrow.
It’s no wonder we need,
To beg, steal and borrow.

Throw on just one more,
How many can we stack?
Before that final straw,
Breaks the camel’s back.

Sweet meltdown at last.
Can we now relax?
Toss worries away,
Like  graduation caps.

Let me collapse into bed,
Where the pillow’s so soft,
Please, on your way out,
Can you switch my brain off?

Ahh… at last sweet silence.
Yeah…. that’s the ticket!
Wait…what’s that off in the distance?
No No!  
Inbound crickets!!

(sept 2007)

9 Comments to “Damn Crickets…”

  1. I can never turn my crickets off….smiles

    Great piece…this one is deep…but light enough to bring a smile…

    I enjoyed it alot…

  2. I think we’ve had the noisy brain conversation before. :) “Inbound crickets” is quite an image, really. Late at night, when things get so quiet, any noises are so amplified, and the word inbound is often associated with bombs going off. It’s a beautifully descriptive sound image…

    Well, last night I was going through my blogroll. There were several blogs in there that have been, for want of a word I don’t want to use… inactive for months. Some for many months.

    Of course, I’ve abandoned blogs in the past, myself. I just didn’t have my blog mojo working, I guess.

    I’m bringing this up because I want you to know that your blog is important to me. I don’t want to be cutting it from my blogroll if you start thinking about abandoning it because you don’t think you have anything to say. Or if you aren’t getting too many comments… Most readers don’t comment, you know.

    I’m sure I’m not the only blogger who feels this way about your blog! But I think it’s important to say it! So it’s sort of a “resolution” I guess. I hope you have a great new year, and keep blogging, Sam I Am (Not)

    • Ya know? I’ve had a really… really… crappy week.
      Your comment and thoughts are appreciated more than you know. Thank you for saying this. I would miss you too…

  3. Sam I am (not) I really like what I read I will be back keep up the good work!!!!! :-)

  4. Ha Ha Ha. I loved this one! I wasn’t expecting that last line. Just when you think life is peaceful, here comes those darn crickets. . .the story of my life! :)

    Thanks for bringing humor to the madness! PLL, C.

  5. Terri –
    Thanks and come back any time. =)

    cordieb –
    =) humor always helps. Thanks for the read, cordie. =)

  6. This is really wonderful – makes me long for summer.

    • Thanks Jaymie…. yeah…. the irony of this piece is, that I love listening to crickets in the summer… the more the merrier… they would sing me to sleep, rather than keep me awake…

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