Sinking Smiles

Watch the smiles melt from her face,
Into an ocean of false bravado.
No more will they be her saving grace.
Shielding shame and hiding sorrow.

Watch them swirl and form at last, 
One last fake smile, one empty laugh, 
They gaze up at her from reflections past,
A last ditch effort to win her back.

Watch her struggle to break their spell, 
Reluctantly she lets them go,
For they no longer serve her well
Still smiling, they sink to depths below.

Watch her wonder what now to wear,
See her tears, her fears, her sins.
Vulnerable, naked, exposed. She stares.
Wanting, waiting.  Let the healing begin. 

~ ~

4 Comments to “Sinking Smiles”

  1. There is something so beautiful about the vulnerable state of honesty. It conjures up such fear but ends up being powerful. Thank you for this.

    • Jaymie,
      You’re right… I spent far too long trying to act as though I was happy, when I wasn’t… or stronger than I ever was. When, really letting down that guard is what takes the most strength and courage of all.

      You know what’s funny? People’s reactions to you when you finally do that. I found some close to me could not handle the truth… or did not want to… they would prefer to see the façade rather than the person behind it. I wonder, what that says about them?… and/or our relationship?.. is it just a façade as well?

  2. Wow… what more can I say!
    The fear of standing free, yet the wanting of healing. Pealing back the layers, you hit well what I tried to hit with my post!

    • thanks Duma… I think your post hit it very well… and in much more depth… but, it’s the same concept. There’s an image I liked for this piece… but, didn’t belong to me at:
      Woman in water

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