Think hard and think long,
About what you’ve done.
Heed not your mind’s herald,
Warning, “run, baby, run!”

For there’s no escape to be had,
There’s no where to hide,
Sweeping currents run deep,
Spawning personal rip tides.

Conversations rehashed.
Every word that you said,
Second-guessed and replayed,
Crashing ‘round in your head.

How could you have said that?
What must they now think?
You probably pushed them,
Right over the brink.

Opportunities lost.
You missed your big chance.
Should have done this.
Could have done that.

Delusions of control,
Self inflicted responsibilities,
Always lead to the same question –
“What is wrong with ME?”

So the dance goes,
Sleep and peace are forbidden,
In the long lonely hours,
Of the hopelessly guilt-ridden.


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