Something to Believe…

I believe in the Golden Rule,
and that two wrongs don’t make a right.
That for some beliefs, and those we love,
we need to take a stand and fight.

I believe in right and wrong,
Shining through the thick gray steel,
not since a book has told me so,
but from what I learn and feel.

I believe I’ve much to learn,
and that it’s wise to question truth.
For he who claims to know it all,
is surely King of Fools.

I believe in Mother Nature,
her beauty and her power.
Miraculous. Mysterious.
Indiscriminate mix of showers.

I believe that life is good,
an uphill climb each day,
where life’s rewards aren’t found up top,
but in the journey along the way.

I believe I’ll wake in the morn,
as I’ve done thus far til now.
and yet I know there comes a time,
when I’ll have no more tomorrows.

Still, I believe that life goes on,
even though each life must end.
Not on golden streets of heaven,
but through our family and friends.

In loved ones hearts and memories fair,
and in ways words can’t describe.
Each action and deed, a ripple effect,
flowing generations and continents wide.

So, some day when I’m all but gone,
If you want me, look around.
You need only search as far as my son,
in his eyes  – my soul is found.

For there I’ve poured it with my heart,
and scattered many seeds,
with hopes that love will grow and spread,
leaving something to believe…

~ smj

9 Comments to “Something to Believe…”

  1. Hello again Sam, I feel a lot of struggle in these words, wrestling with confining masks and coats that you have triumphantly removed by your own choice, through your own journey … and in the end, you rediscovered what is important for you to hold onto and believe, and pass along to another, in hopes that he may also choose on his own, as we all must.

  2. This is rich in ideas and ideals and well written. Very well written. Like it much and appreciate the link. Thanks! :-)

  3. Thanks for directing me here…excellent piece…and I agree with much of what you express.

  4. Reblogged this on Contemplating The Human Direction and commented:
    I enjoyed this poem…fits in with much content that I try to express

  5. Nice. Peacefulness and quiet strength.

  6. Very beautiful poem =) Nominated you for the 2012 blogger award, thank’s for your questions and insights = ) Take care

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