Time sure flies in the summertime…

I can’t believe I haven’t writtein since early July..  and that summer is almost over.  Where did August go?  I don’t think I’ve ever had such a short summer.  Sort of sucked.  

Or did it?

Maybe, it just feels that way because we didn’t take any big family vacations like we normally do.  I missed Myrtle Beach… we all did… but, we sure had fun at Disney last March – so, who am I to complain? 

Besides…  I did have my girls weekend…  which was, a blast… and I still have my fake pirate tattoo lingering on my ankle to remind me just how fun it was.  (At least, I’m pretty sure it’s fake!;)  It was different this year…  we learned some new “Do’s and Don’t” for next year.  This was year #16 for me, I think…  It was the first year we finally got my good friend LE to come, and we damn near killed her…  but, I think she’s already counting down to next years trip.  =) 

When I came back to work, I was burried… and my boss said he felt bad he didn’t have time to hear about my vacation.. and maybe later.  I told him no problem.. and that there wasn’t much to tell since what happens in the Islands… STAYS in the Islands.  LOL… Then, I pulled up my pant-leg and showed him my pirate tattoo on my leg.. and said, “A picture is worth a thousand words anyway”.  He laughed. I think he thought it was real…  he seemed a little shocked.  I love shock value. 

And, in spite of work being absolutely unbelievable busy at work- I also took a few days off and did a couple days with my kids in July and Aug.  Went to my in-laws cottage a couple times… my 11 year old had his first camping experience on his own without Dad or mom around.  He didn’t change his clothes for a week… Came home flilthy freaking dirty.. from camp massastinkie… but, he loved it.  We also spent from sun up til sun down at a not so far away big amusement park…  We had a lot of fun with my sis-in-law, her son (my nephew) and one other friend. I am still a big kid at heart…  love those thrill rides…

So, yeah… maybe, I’m full of crap and summer didn’t suck at all.  I just need to slow down at work and take time to appreciate all the wonderful things I did, do, and will do…  Like school starting for my kids… Middle school for my oldest… First grade for my youngest… So, hard to believe on both counts.  Where did my babies go?  I think it’s just the speed of how fast things are happening that bothers me sometimes…

Ahhh… well…  I did also manage to find time to go on my annual little one night sailing/wine tasting excursion with my old friend M…  just the two of us… celebrating our b-days… we’re old now… and we had fun catching up on old times.  It was a beautiful night for sailing… the lake was calm and smooth as glas… the sunset… lovely.   And, the company?  Wonderful. 

You know someone is a good friend when you can NOT see them or talk to them for months… and even though you may have grown in completely opposite directions in life…  but yet, it’s still not awkward in the least when you get together and you have fun….   That’s how M and I are when we finally have time to get together.  Laverne and Shirley forever…

We had a little extra fun that night… sort of unexpectedly befriended an elderly, somewhat insane, but very intelligent and funny as hell, elderly lady.  Not sure how it happened… but she just started talking to us, and we found her endearing… and hilarious.  So, we bought her an ice cream… got talking.  When I asked her what her name was, she said, “Today?”.  Ha!  I loved that.  I’m gonna use that one.  LOL

After a lot of listening and laughing, my friend M and I reluctantly left Mary-for-today when she insisted and assured us she could get home on her own.  We watched her push her wheelchair away (walking behind it)… and thought, she was a feisty old lady.  We figured she must live RIGHT there. My friend and I made our goodbyes and went our separate ways too.  

 But, when I started driving home…  who do I see trying to wheel herself up a fairly large hill on the sidewalk (now sitting IN the chair)?  Our new friend Mary…  so, I pull over… I think, “I can’t leave her like that… I’ll push her home”…. by the time I pulled over, parked and started walking up the hill, who do I see?  My friend M, who also saw Mary and pulled over.  So, we decided to push her home.  We were surprised at how far we pushed her… and then had to walk back to our cars… at 11pm… the doorman at the woman’s building said Mary always goes off on her own… and usually takes a bus back.  Anyway… we might take her out dancing sometime…  “Boopity Boopity Boop!!”

It feels good to type something other than work related emails…  *sigh*…


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