If Only

If only this,
If only that,
Wondering what could have been.

Things could have gone,
So differently,
“If only” happened way back when.

Still, here we are.
A brand new start,
Lifetimes away,
And worlds apart.

Yet oh, so close,
As if time stopped,
When we were young,
With foolish hearts.

A second chance,
For sun to shine,
Old souls connecting,
Across seasons and time.

Is it chance?
Or is it fate?
That we should meet again this way?

There’s no sense,
In wondering,
Let’s just be glad we have today.

Ask me a question,
I’ll tell you a story,
On all that’s happened ‘tween now and then.

Sing me a song,
Move me to tears,
I’ll listen to you, my new-found friend.

Wondering and wishing,
There’s no way to know
Second Guessing, what if-ing..
Just let it all go.

Not never, just late,
This strange twist of fate,
A gift from the present,
So don’t hesitate.

Don’t ask why or how.
Don’t think of dreams shattered,
There’s just here and now,
“If only’s” don’t matter.


4 Comments to “If Only”

  1. Oh VERY good!!!!!!!!!!

    ‘if only’s don’t matter’

    You are right – they don’t.

    They just get in the way…


  2. ML –
    yes.. the do get in the way, don’t they? maybe, because there are so many of the darn things…. ;)

  3. If only’s, kind of like re-do’s they never work out anyway.

  4. Hi Rick…
    thanks for the visit and letting me know you were here. Re-do’s never work out? Really? I think they do sometimes… but, then, when they do… you never feel like it really counted, right? Is that what you meant? Sorta like cheating…. ?? Hmmmm… I supose… but, what if… we ALL got a re-do… then, it’s fair, right? =)
    Never mind me.. just babbling here as usual…
    Thanks again and have a good one.

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