Keep Off Hill

“Keep off the hill!”
they said to me
with a finger wag
and scowl

“You’ll catch your death
on slippery slopes!”
I heard them
clear and loud

…but, did I listen to them?
Without a word
I backed away
ignoring angry howls

With a defiant leap
and unseen smile
right over the fence
I sailed

Not one glance back
Up the hill I went
Far from their
beaten trail

~ smj

5 Comments to “Keep Off Hill”

  1. Ahhhh – sweet defiance! lol
    Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Flying against the tide… ‘scuse the mixed metaphor!

  3. My little rebel!!!! LOL!!!!

  4. bird – I live for mixed metaphors… ;) lol Thanks again for having a look around. =)

    Mr. I – yup. it’s a tough job – but, somebody has to be the rebel. I don’t think I ever went too far up the hill though.. somehow, always made it with minimum scrapes and bruises…

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