As the paper before I write
As a cloudy, black, starless night,

As your face while it ignores,
The voice that it once perhaps adored.

Eyes that don’t see but coldly stare
Hiding any hint that might show you care.

As your best poker face trying to bluff,
Or answers that you can’t be bothered to make up.

Slate for me to draw on for you,
Give you something new that you can chew.

Do you want me to try to fill one in?
Make something up with a happy end?

Bet you can’t even pretend to care
About any of this, or what’s in store.

Yeah, I bet you’ll just blankly stare
As I walk right out that blanking door.

~ smj

5 Comments to “Blank”

  1. I love it — I love the repetition and the way you give “blank” substance. I think it is fun to be able to bring substance to something that connotes emptiness.

  2. thanks WN45…
    I appreciate the kind words. thanks for visiting. I enjoyed what i read on your blog too… added you to my blogroll.. hope that’s ok.

  3. yep, that’s terrific! Now, I can spend even more time reading wonderful poetry. LOL!!! My son informed me I spent 5 hours on line yesterday reading stuff. I think this is the most I’ve read all summer, and I’m a teacher!!!!!

  4. Love it !!!!

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