you and my alter ego

my alter ego
believes she owns me – like you
I let her think that

7 Comments to “you and my alter ego”

  1. Short, sweet, to the point,but provacative as a poem should be.

  2. thank you Gray… I’m fairly new to writing haiku’s, and I appreciate the feedback.

  3. *smile*

    Senryu – nice one as well.

    I know a thing or two about alter ego’s.

    Nice to meet someone else who does as well.


  4. I love this one.
    About you, and about someone else, all very concise.

  5. this is interesting. i can relate to this. both sides of it. although i think i have several alter egos, at least three. i actually have an adult humor series i started years ago that i parody the system with where i personified the characters. i think about posting it but i am not sure people would understand although the mystery behind the characters is probably the most attractive thing, still its a rather dark write and is often offensive. i think it would clash with the poetry.

    still you wrote some poignant lines here. i like shorter poems better than longer ones. it’s a good show of how someones brevity and they are a lot harder to do and make eloquent and succinct. i used to make a “game” of it and that is where i got all my one liners. people seem to enjoy them no matter how obtuse i get with them because when you read the entire document of them its a lot like eating a box of chocolate philosphy.

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