mirror mirror

stop staring he said

who are you to accuse me?

reflections don’t lie


10 Comments to “mirror mirror”

  1. okay, I’m a sucker for ‘reflections’ when it comes to photos and your poem has me thinking of some guy watching a girl watch him via a window or mirror…and I dig that. “Accuse”–implies something more going on between them..but..ambiguity strikes again! lol. Hi NOT Sam.

  2. i’m told mine tell lies, all of mine do, so i’m told. yours must be one of those mythic ones that doesn’t. he should not mind that so much, really, he’d miss it if it were to stop .m

  3. Busted! Lovely! Had to laugh at memories of being caught. Nowhere to go but into bright red cheeks. :)

    Thank You!!! :)

  4. mmm..write more, Not Sam, write more…please

  5. thanks all…

    I wrote this initially… as if I was the one looking in the mirror – talking to myself… and, then changed it to “He”… amazing how one little change can redirect the whole feel of it.

  6. The “He” definitely takes it in another direction. I love it when things like that happen unexpectedly….

    or is it really that random?

  7. another tight little poem.

    i added you to my blogrol and sidebar. i appreciate your comments truly. i will try to follow you but i am a terrible commenter. i don’t feel i have the right to critique peoples expressions, after all it is an art.

    also i am legally blind and i have a very hard time reading, i do good to just do what i do most of the time so i apologize beforehand and my plate seems to be quite full here preparing for school this month.

    but i do try to do what i can do when i can do it.

    again thank you for your comments.

  8. THanks Charles. =) I apprecite it (the link, the visit, and the nice comments!). And, no need to apologize. There’s not blog obligations around here… or at least, if there are, I missed the memo =)

  9. I love the haiku structure, to express so much in so little. Well done.

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