Kiss Me As If

Kiss me as if it was your very first kiss,
As if you’ve been dreaming a lifetime for this,
Waiting for moments you dare not to miss,
Electricity flowing as you capture these lips,
Yes, kiss me as if this was your very first kiss.

Kiss me as if you never needed me more,
As if you’ve never felt such longing before,
An urgent prelude to better things in store,
Our lips the gateway of much more to explore,
Yes, kiss me as if you never needed me more.

 Kiss me as if it might be your last,
Savor sensations,  knowing none will surpass,
Tender and slow. Hard and fast.
A last chance to feel such heavenly contrast.
Yes kiss me as if this may be your last.

Why settle for a mere peck on the cheek?
When the day finally ends and allows us to meet?
Why should we accept a nod and “good night”?
Why waste darkness on sleeping when we turn out the light?
Won’t you think twice before you walk out the door?
I need you to kiss me like you use to before.

26 Comments to “Kiss Me As If”

  1. oh yes, why why why ever waste the chance to ‘kiss’, to say “I love you”, to ‘hug with tenderness’–yes, always like the ‘first time’ like the best times, like it’s the reason for living. mmm…

  2. Miss,
    Small world isn’t it? Perhaps lips and kisses are in our future.

  3. ah something romantic. i needed that. yes. kiss me. kiss me as if it were the last time. kiss me… like a long good bye. kissing is good. its intimate. i would rather make out than have sex. am i like the strangest man you have ever met? lol

    • thanks Charles.. and, thinking like that only makes me think your smarter than the average man.. not stranger.. ;) Cause, a lot of (smart) women would agree with you on this. I’m sure you aren’t the only guy who thinks this way either… but, it does sound like a great way to get a kiss anyway. (“no pressure.. I just want to make out.. really! ” ;)

  4. beautiful. and inspiring.

    “Kiss me as if it might be your last,
    Savor sensations, knowing none will surpass.”

    nothing like a sweet kiss…

  5. Oh I love the first three stanzas!!!! Those 3 make a perfect poem.
    I think it should end there personally, but maybe you had a need to express some stuff in the fourth one. :) XOXO

    • Hi dakasky =)

      Funny you should say that.. cause I almost DID cut out the last part… I couldn’t seem to make it fit quite right… and was gonna cut it… but, then, thought I’d leave it in cause I was too tired to think about it anymore… ;)

      Thanks for the visit and your two cents. I am a novice, and always open for advice/opinions…

  6. Yes.

    Yes – this is what I want.

    I want THIS kiss – no other…it MUST be one like this.

    It must be like making life where death once was – courage where fear once was – one soul exchanging itself for another’s.

    I want this kiss one day.



  7. Nice poem, it would make a great song.

    Now, what rhymes with “fondle”? I have a poem idea of my own. *tee hee*

    The Nerd

  8. I enjoyed this poem. Nice flow, bold, and honest. Thanks

  9. Ah, the glory of the “perfect” first kiss.. A wonderful piece, simply amazing, the ambience you built up, and your exquisite wordplay.. It makes one want to linger on with the kisses, and then some more!

    • well.. thank you so much DL. That was very kind of you.. and, yes… lingering is another good kind of kiss… and, if done right.. always leaves one wanting more…

  10. Just beautiful…the kisses you dream of for years before and linger on for years after.

  11. Musical, lyrical poetry that pulls you in. Lovely. Who did your avatar? It’s fantastic.

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