Heavenly Strikes

rumbling clouds roll in

Pa must be bowling again

big heavenly strikes


I love thunderstorms. When I was a little girl, the house we lived in had a patio with a large aluminum awning for it’s cover. When the rain would start, there would be this lovely pitter patter symphony that ensued. As the rain came down harder, the noise elevated, until it would be a pounding, constant roar. So loud you could hardly hear the person next to you if they were screaming in your ear. Thunder and lightening added drama effects to the show. A show that I loved to watch with my father.

We would curl up together in a lounge chair, under a blanket… just watching… listening.. in awe. Whenever it thundered really loudly making me jump with momentary fright, my father would say,

“The angels must be bowling again. Strike!”

And we would laugh, and there was no fear… just awe.

These days, when storms roll in, I like to catch the show with my son when I can. With him sitting on my lap, under a blanket, under the awning in front of our garage.

Like my father, the old patio and aluminum awning are gone. Out of sight, but not of mind. The roar of rain hitting aluminum echoing only in my head.   But, when lightning strikes, followed by a loud clap of thunder that makes my son and I both jump, I will say to my son,

“Pa must be bowling again. Strike!”.

And we laugh, and there is no fear… just love.


12 Comments to “Heavenly Strikes”

  1. What a beautiful way to share your father with your son. I hope it rains soon.

  2. How beautiful. A great heart-tug.

  3. How lucky you are to have such wonderful memories and to be sharing the same with your son.
    –Oh how to get downright teary–thunderstorms are one of my favorite things. In total contrast to your memories–my mother was terrified of storms. She would clear out the closet’s clothes and fill it with blankets and flashlights and snacks during thunderstorms.
    Pa is bowling again–that’s just GREAT stuff.

  4. Jaymie,
    It’s been raining for days it seems! I’m hoping for a good thunderstorm tonight. it IS nice when we can re-live, and pass down, good memories.. isn’t it? thanks for the visit. =)

    Thank you again for your visit and letting me know you were here. Much appreciated. =)

    47WB –
    yes, I am lucky to have had the father I had… I know that… he made up for a lot of the not so lucky parts. and, your rainstorm experiences sound like quite the adventure. were they more fun than scary? glad you liked the haiku.. and thanks for the visit and remarks… always a pleasure. =)

  5. Beautiful.. Those wonderful memories are priceless, and what a grand way of reliving them!

  6. And, how much love is that! This one brought tears of joy. I’m so sentimental at times. I remember my dad in that special way too…. we are truely blessed to have had loving fathers, aren’t we?

    Peace, Light and Love, C.

  7. What a wonderful way to have memories of your father and keep it alive with your son!! Actually had goose bumps reading this!! I still have sweet memories of mine too…no-one will ever take away! You write so eloquently Sam…thanks so much for sharing!! Lovely to visit you!! Have a great weekend my friend x

  8. This is beautiful…I love storms too, very much so, always have. What an awesome and lovely sentiment, so much heart.

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