Regrets Come Easy

regrets come easy
second guessing choices made
acceptance is hard

 acceptance brings peace
to those who can find it, search
high, low and within

where is acceptance?
perhaps hidden underneath
necessary change

19 Comments to “Regrets Come Easy”

  1. You deserve the readers digest award for being able to condense my entire life into17 syllables…



    • ML –
      I added to this… You’ll have to let me know if I still get an award.. for maybe 51 syllables…
      and, thanks for reading. =)

      • Indeed you do.

        I have always believed that the Senryu or Haiku should be presented in three units actually…

        It completes the cycle of ‘beginning/middle/end’ and brings a resolution to the initial thought presented as a statement in the Haiku/Senryu form.


  2. Wise words.. the hardships and mental blockades that mar the path towards acceptence, yet, the bliss beyond..
    I’m new to your blog, and I’m glad I found it… you’re a very talented poet! Its a pleasure going through your works..

  3. Oh do I love haikus! and this one is the epitomy of complete!

  4. I really love your writing

  5. and sometimes the ‘peace’ comes from just doing what is not regreted by being done–no matter how odd others view it–

    clearly my mind is on meaning rather than form or technique today–regrets can come in all sorts of packages–the seen and the unseen–how does one live a life without regrets/

    • yes… this is true… I don’t think we CAN live without ANY regrets. I think, regrets come in all shapes and sizes… and sometimes… the best we can do is to try to chose the ones we can live with easier… the ones that allow us to still sleep at night…

  6. regret comes when we wish can change the past.
    acceptance come when we realize we are changing and moving forward.
    very nice poem Samantha

  7. regret – counting the moments unto the day
    that i miss you.

  8. I know I have regrets

    The only way I can live with them is exactly as you say….

    with acceptance. Luckily I don’t have to agree with something to be able to accept it. Though I have to admit there are some regrets I am still working on completely accepting the facts of the circumstance

    • dirtclustit –
      thank you for the visit and comment. We all have our regrets…. at least you are working on yours… acceptance is often so difficult to swallow….
      Thanks again.

  9. An angel-sent message today, thank you.

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