True Love Denied

True love
finds ways
to survive
Grows up
thru the cracks
 of your heart

 Choke it down
Weed it out
Poison it
 with doubt
Bleed it out
of your veins
if you can

Drive it deep
and cold
to be found
that it’s gone
Loose all hope

You give up
and give in
you can’t win
Just make due
Just get by
Life goes on
and you try
to forget

Just a matter
of time
til one day
you will find
there Love is
sprouting up
once again

Stop choking
Stop weeding
Stop poisoning
Stop bleeding
Just let it grow
Let it spread
Let it be

True love
never dies
Finds ways
to survive
Grows up
thru the cracks
 of your heart


23 Comments to “True Love Denied”

  1. *grin*


    it does…

    Like ragweed.


    Just like that.


  2. I remembered these lines after reading your words….
    “When the night has been too lonely, and the road has been too long, and you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong, just remember, in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow, lies the seed that with the sun’s love in the spring becomes the rose”
    I am just thinking how many true loves are there in someone’s lifetime?

    Nice write, I really enjoyed it!

  3. Very optimistic; poisonous sounds about right!
    Loved this one!

  4. It is amazing the capacity we can develop to love again…and again. It amazing that you were able to point that out so aptly. Thank you.

  5. I like your style of composing.. its unique!
    I think you hit the nail on the head here, about true love.. it is always there, lurking under the subconscious, waiting for us to give it free reign.. Its a pity therefore, that we sometimes turn a blind eye to it!

  6. wordsweneversaid –
    thanks Thanks THANKS! ;) and, yes, like ragweed… perfect.

    neilina –
    thanks for posting that… it was beautiful.. and exactly the same sentiment I was thinking with this piece.. dormant perhaps.. not dead and gone….

    Trapped –
    glad you liked it. a litle optimism once in a while never hurts.. ;)

    Jaymie –
    thanks for stopping by… and the nice comment. the human heart’s wonders never cease, eh?

    D.L. –
    Thank you. “Unique” can be good or bad… but at least it’s me. Glad you enjoyed this… and, yes… it IS a pity when people either don’t recognize or don’t let love have it’s day….

  7. I love the style and the sentiment of this one. Love is a very hardy plant, grows when you least expect in the most unpredictable of places and ways.

    I really love this one. Good read! :)

  8. this is going to sound awfully cynical–but I so ‘hate’ the truth of your poem. Oh the strange and wonderful consequences of such reality.
    —yeah, stop killing it off and just accept it—bah!

    • 47Wb – lol… sometimes, you can “bah” it all you want… weed it out… stomp it down… try to ignore it… scream at it – “I don’t BELIEVE in you!”..
      – but, it just keeps looking at you smiling… in a most impish manner… as it grows into the biggest elephant in the room that you ever tried to deny. ;)

  9. Like a seedling grows up thru the cracks of the sidewalk in Manhattan or a saguaro on the side of a granite cliff in the Grand Canyon. Love does conquer all, but you already knew that. Beautiful, awesome, terrific and all of the above.

  10. What a beautiful piece of work. Your stuff is good. Don’t stop the world needs to hear your voice!


  11. Sara – thank you.. and, yes… just like those tree’s that grow strait-assed-sideways out of a cliff…

    robminx – welcome! and thank you so much for the very kind words. I don’t think I can stop, even if the world doesn’t need me… but, I’m glad to have the encouragement nonetheless! =)

  12. This is my first visit to your pages… very nice indeed. There is an energy which resonates with mine, somewhere… here…

    I shall have to explore…

  13. Weeds in the cracked sidewalks of a different sort. Thanks for you kind comments on my silly little dilly of a poem. Considering your talent, it means a lot.

  14. Fantastic Samantha..very nicely written. Your words give me hope that if one’s love is will surely find the person. Until then let your heart sing the music of love. :)

  15. I had to come back and read this one again…it touched my heart more than I can say…

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