Sob Story

Seconds to minutes
Minutes to hours
Hours to days on end.

Days to weeks
Weeks to years
Years to heal and mend.

Watch them fly
Right on by
You’ve used up all your firsts.

Chances lost
Lost and stolen
Stolen hurts the worst.

Try to catch
Catch your breath
Breath escapes you now.

Just give up
Exit stage left
No need to take a bow.

Let it go
Forgive  Forget.
Crawl back into your shell.

Time heals all
Evens the score
We all have a sob story to tell.

We all have a sob story to sell.

We all have a sob story
                   so tell.


18 Comments to “Sob Story”

  1. I never know what to say other than, awesome.

  2. That is a freakin’ AWESOME poem. Respect!! Go on wit’ yo bad self woman! :)

  3. Your musical ability comes shining through in your poetry. Each piece I just read is fantastic and has a definite rhythym. Glad to have found you:)

  4. unfortunately we do all seem to have our sob stories–why the heck is it that way?
    me catching up too–but not catching as much as would like–thanks for visiting and leaving kind words.

  5. Jaymie – thanks! I’ll take an “awesome” any day… =)

    – my bad self is goin on.. and on… and on… lol ;) thaks for the read.

    – why thank you so much. I have been having quite the musical festival in my head lately… =) Been enjoying your blog also…

    47WB – hi =)… and yes… sob stories are just a part of life, I guess… making us part of who we are…

  6. Thanks for your visit. Your work is great too, keep it up!

  7. Fantastic, and you’re blog is simply beautiful. Thank you for visiting. Now that I found you, I added you to my blogroll so lots of folks can find you to. Terrific.

  8. oh no, i have all but repeated your first 3 lines and didn’t even realize it. i promise to own up and point folks back here.

  9. nice rhymes and good rhythm.

    life is always turning, from a to b and back again to the same place but just a bit, different.

    nice one..

  10. This is the first time I’ve visited but my time spent well – the poem keeps taking my breath, yet turning me enough to inspire a telling.

  11. Very very impressed…..especially the last to words ‘so tell.’ Love the simplest things best.

    Thanks for the comment. I will always love the rain more than the sun…just some dark days of late.

  12. You’ve used up all your firsts.

    yeah except then there are always the ones (point at me) who will only re-run their sob stories like old television from before we were even born, but i did love that line, along with the rest of this one, comes back around frequently in my recitations -l.m.

  13. I’ve just found your site and I can relate to your poetry and love your rhytm and the strenght I see shining through!

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