like a book

read me  like a book

the real story lies hidden

there between my lines


6 Comments to “like a book”

  1. hm…. now that’s intriguing. somewhat sensuous too might add. simple. sensuous. intriguing. what more could a man want? excellent. compelling . its rather… soft & gentle. i’m certifiably inspired.


    simplicity is the heart of sincerity. were all poems as honest and succinct that they whispered in our ears with such genuine intimacy.

  2. Charles – thank you! I love that my few words, could inspire so many thoughts… and spark such flattering words… from such an inspiring writer such as yourself.

  3. If only more men could read betwen the lines. I don’t usually like haiku, but this one is very special and true.

    • Thank you Miss… I only recently started writing haiku myself…. and, found that I do like packing a lot into such a small space. I’m glad you liked this one… and, yes.. if only….

  4. a book not for speed reading
    a book one can’t put down
    lines between lines between lines
    and wanting to read over and over always finding new stories coming out from between those lines

    well written

    • lady maggie,
      thank you for you comment… and yes… a book like that! That is how we all want our story to be read… and the way we wish all the others we read will be.
      Too bad there’s so often such dissapointing endings…

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