too little too late

 try to quench the fire

just a drop in the bucket

too little too late

6 Comments to “too little too late”

  1. love this! Very well done.

  2. My marriage.

    Neat how so many years could fit into such a tight little package.


    Well said – this could be the worlds smallest anthem. (mind if I have put it to music in my head?)


  3. don’t you love the conciseness of a haiku?

  4. winterdandelion – thank you… and nice to “see” you again. =)

    M.L. – I hear ya… and, no, I don’t mind at all.. if you have a tune – sing away. =)

    roger – I do love the conciseness of haiku. It’s so… not natural for someone who’s normally a tad on the too wordy side like me. I love how it forces one to make and complete a thought – even if it leaves much open for interpretation.

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