Something More Comfortable

Let me slip
Let me slip into something
more comfortable
for you
Yes, just for you
I’ll slink into
my other persona
You know the one
The one
you like
The one
that fits me
like a second skin
Painted on
Clinging to my curves
Concealing this
Revealing that
Yes, you know the one
The one
you bought me
for our anniversary
to celebrate
the new me
Yes, let me
Let me slip
Let me slip away
to you
from you
Far away
from me

~ smj

16 Comments to “Something More Comfortable”

  1. oh nice work!!!! love it…..please stay in touch with me…u can im or email me if u ever wanna talk poetry at :)

  2. disturbing and tragic and ironic, but all too true, that the level of comfort increases with distance

    except when the poem is your lover – the closer you get to the heart here, the more comfortable, even when the thoughts are disturbing and tragic and ironic

    well written, again

    .lady m

  3. Hubba, hubba…this makes me want to slip in!
    Very nice indeed.

  4. Sometimes the second skin becomes too comfortable and we forget to bare it all. Beautiful rendition.

  5. hmm more comfortable—mmmm…less, isn’t less more in such situations or am I just being ‘bad’? hi

  6. I really love the imagery and prose style of this poem. Sensual, and I love the contradiction at the end… “Away to you, away from you” and then the closing line “Far away from me”. Oh sometimes the sweetest escape is into our lover. Beautiful.

  7. To say you have a gift is … blatantly inadequate. I love how you change your style, your layout, your approach. Too many poets stick to one “set-up”. Striking.

  8. angelinablue –
    thank you so much. you have a lot of really good stuff on your blog too and I was glad to find you. please do stop back.

    lady m –
    thank you.. and you hit the nail on the head. this piece, to me, really was more on the “disturbing and tragic and ironic” side in my mind.. but, I supose it’s all in how, and to whom, you apply the words….

    Why, thank you. I’ll take a “hubba hubba” any day. ;)

    Jaymie –
    Right. Exactly. It’s sad when we feel like we need to wear that 2nd skin… or as if it’s more desireable than our baring all.

    47WB –
    hi! you know you are so bad that you are really really good, right? ;) less is definitely more in many situations…

    Dakasky –
    I’m glad you liked this… It’s funny you mention the prose style, because, orginally was going to have it be one of those “build a word each line” type poems, but then, it started branching out, and I almost turned it into paragraph style…. but, in the end, shortened it up to this. Thanks again….

    Fanstasia Lilith –
    Thank you for visiting and letting me know you were here. I truly appreciate the kind words – but, I should let you in on a little secret… my “style” changes so much – because, I really have no idea what I’m doing… LOL.. no formal training… no form to follow.. just whims of my head trying on this and that for size…. ( Sssshhhh don’t tell anyone.. ;)

    Sara –
    Thank you! =) I need to catch up on your blog some… you always have such interesting reads there..

  9. I want to love you, your heart, your soul, your essence.

    and when I’m done loving you this life, I want a past life to love you more and more until we slip away together to the place where we were . . . are . . . One.

    O Lovers: Never, never abandon love . . .

    michael j

    • contoveros –
      wow… you are quite the romantic, aren’t you? thank goodness – because the world needs more lovers and romantics.. =)

      thank you for the poetic response.. and your visit.

  10. I like how you walk us into yr intimacy, little by little
    then come clean that it just ain’t you
    romantic then realistic
    jeez, sounds a little familiar, and more honest than most
    Waking up from dreamy dreams is always perplexing
    and painful
    (or am I WAY off here?)


    • namelessneed –
      thank you… and yes… I think you are right on target. It was interesting just how differently some people interpreted this – whch is actually very cool. – but, I think you are reading it the way I meant it. You’re good. Thanks and take care.

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