some things never

tears and ink and blood
may spill – still some things never
do I write or tell


7 Comments to “some things never”

  1. tears and ink and blood…WOW what a great line. Fabulous.

  2. o! NEVER NEVER TELL! i so ‘agree’ with that–some things just are not meant for ‘others’ ever. tears-ink-blood image is just GREAT.

  3. I’m with Danielle, tears and ink and blood…I didn’t need to read any further.

  4. Sam you are awesome!
    love and light

  5. Calliopespen & Jaymie –
    thank you. glad you liked that first line… it seemed powerful to me as well…

    47WB –
    thanks for the read…. and, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t tell all.. (as if, we didn’t already know that, right?)… and hi! =)


    hello… and thank you for visiting again, as well as the kind words. love and light to you as well! =)

  6. No, but this haiku gave me some haiku ideas, since the haiku itself is somewhat of a “tell”

    “A tell in poker is a subtle but detectable change in a player’s behavior or demeanor that gives clues to that player’s assessment of his hand.” (From Wikipedia)

    Get it? Your haiku is an admission that you have hidden cards that you won’t play. But… you might consider playing them, subtly. Just something to think about. I mean, it’s kind of what your blog name is all about, in a way, isn’t it? Sam I Am (Not)

    I’m not saying this isn’t a good haiku at all. I think you understand what I mean…

    Whether you do, or not, I might start looking to see if there are any “shell game” haiku coming from here, Sam, You Are (Not)

    • Robert…

      ahh… a poker player.. I perfer gin to poker myself.. but, I am really good at the poker face and bluffing part of poker. ;)

      It’s funny… because shortly after I wrote this piece… I did play some cards.. that i have never dared to show to anyone before. Just to one special soul… and, while it wasn’t so easy to lay it down.. it actually feels good to have it laid out before me… at least to this one person.

      Shortly after… several other cards started falling…. and now.. I’m afraid my whole house of cards is in a heap on the table for all to see… or most, anyway…

      Still.. it sort of feels good… maybe now, I can start building a more stable shelter to rest my head.

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