One Step Ahead

 One step ahead
Always one step ahead
of you

Looking out
Always on the look out
for you

Stepping into traps
trying to warn you
But, you never listen
to me

Just seeing me bleed
doesn’t cut it for you
does it?

No, you need to feel
the steely blade for yourself
See your own blood
Feel your own pain
Because you can’t see mine
Can you?

And even as you bleed
blood, pain and confusion
your more surprised
than anything
Aren’t you?

Not that the trap exists
but because you realize
I was right all along
How can that be, you wonder

Yes, eventually
 you will believe me
Even if you don’t want to
You will

Eventually, you’ll have to
Walk where I walked
Worry my worries
Bleed red blood
Just like mine

Eventually, you will see
the truth
That I tried so desperately
To lay out before your
closed eyes and
closed mind

Eventually, you’ll catch up
to where I was coming from
You reach for me
only to find
I’ve already quit this race
Where there are no winners
Only bleeders




4 Comments to “One Step Ahead”

  1. I’m not sure how this one hasn’t been commented on yet. I love it. Goes to somerthing my nana always said . . . they only ever learn rom their own mistakes.

    Miss D

  2. This is such a powerful piece!! Its dark, and foreboding.. and something we can relate with a lot of people around us, who just won’t heed… who’ll close their minds to all the outward signs that are like bad omens.. until they fall! And then its too late…

    • you got it…
      deny… reject….deny… ignore.. until, there’s no way to get aorund it.. until you loose everything.. before you can see the truth that was always there in front of you and you just plain didn’t want ot see it. Suddenly, it’s clear. but, then.. it’s often… too… darn… late!
      thanks for the read and thoughts. gad you liked this one.

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