me & my alter ego


My alter ego

was the “real” me all along

Can you believe it?!




~ ~

10 Responses to “me & my alter ego”

  1. Ya – actually I can hun.




  2. They are tricky like that, aren’t they?

  3. Yes, tricky.. but its good you found out! ;)

  4. Love it! Hope to read more haiku from you! LOL!

  5. I hope my comments I have left here, taken as a whole, have only, and entirely encouraged you. That has been my soul and sole purpose. After I posted my last bunch, I started thinking… (not always a great idea for me! lol ) I thought I might have pushed on you too much. But really, this is your blog, of course, to do with as you will. I do understand that. I think you are very talented, and like your poetry, quite a lot.

    Just thought you might consider using your “energy” to make some things happen, as you see fit to do so. That’s all.

  6. Robert –

    I’ve been neglecting my blog… but was not avoiding you or feeling pushed by you by any means. I am actually quite honored that you read and commented on some of my stuff, as I’m a big fan of your writing. Your thoughts are always welcome here. I have just been a bit preoccupied with life.

    I am actually in the process of trying to make some pretty big things happen… at least, big steps for me… the big scary kind.. the life changing kind… but, hopefully the all will work out for the best kind.. and, regardless… I feel like they are the inevitable kind.. so, they must be taken. Still, it’s sort of sucking all the life and energy out of me…

    I liked your “thinking” joke. One of my favorite sayings is from the disney beauty and the beast movie…
    where Gaston says, “LeFou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking”
    [Lefou:] A dangerous pastime
    [Gaston:] I know”

    LOL ;)

    Thank you for commenting and being concerned. =) Much appreciated.


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