Time to Get Back to Me

it’s been a while
since I found you
let you take over
let you win
win out and win over
shine on and shine through
but I do believe
it’s finally time
time to get back
to me

not blaming you
I’ll take the fall
nothing to regret
I needed you
but it’s time to let go
so set my soul free
yes, I do believe
it’s finally time
time to get back
to me

so be off with you
please, just go
my friend, my self
my alter ego
can’t hide anymore
I need to be seen
I have to believe
it’s finally time
time to get back
to me

~ smj

15 Responses to “Time to Get Back to Me”

  1. Welcome back Sam – nice to see you.



  2. To be “me” myself, and truly “I am I”–identity—perhaps real love allows us to be ourselves instead of someone’s want/desire/image/fantasty. It’s good to be ‘me’–good you are ‘your’–infinite in our variety.

  3. Thanks M.L. =) Always good to “see” you too. =)

    47WB… much truth in your comment.. real love allows us to be ourselves. It’s when we try to conform to what someone else loves – or conform them – that the trouble starts and real love is lost. thanks for visiting. =)

  4. Very powerful piece… can sense a strength here, within your words and within you… amazing what a realization can accomplish.

    Happy to see the light shining,

  5. Oh wow, this just goes so deep… I think a lot of times we push our identity deep down the subconscious and confuse it with conflicting alternates conjured by the same subconscious… Weirdly, at times, its for the best… but somewhere down the line, we need to get back to the actual “us” and live life with a clear conviction!

  6. enreal –
    I am summoning up any and all the strength I can. Making hard decisions.. coming to hard realizations.. but, hopefully, the right ones.

    Dark Lord –
    exactly… and, sometimes… the parts we “conjure up”.. or hide away.. only showing behind false names and identities… sometimes, those parts are more the “actual us” than anything else. If that makes any sense at all..? LOL ;)

  7. i feel like we’ve both been in the same shoes. u should check out some of my poems.

  8. Powerful words and thoughts.

    Deep writing, great post

  9. I think I saw myself here too a bit….smiles…

  10. I’m just hangin’ out with Jack waiting


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