Picture Perfect

a thousand lies

a thousand dreams

a thousand misconceptions

but, barely ever worth

more than just a few


picture perfect

fades  to black

back to the dark room

were it only developed in

imaginations running


a thousand tears

a thousand mistakes

a thousand years gone by

but, never was worth

more than just a few



“I think it’s time, we give it up
And figure out what’s stopping us
From breathing easy, and talking straight”
~ Lies – The Swell Season

9 Comments to “Picture Perfect”

  1. yeah but a word such as this is worth a thousand images, i sharply felt your central stanza, both ends seen well too, quite good quite good —l.m.

  2. misperceptions pushing things further apart – sad truths – letting go of the possibilities.

  3. Some tears are worth so much more, yet some lies are not…

    Beautiful wording, beautiful piece

  4. Yeah… words are just so precious!
    A beautiful piece, indeed!

  5. enreal –
    thank you.. and yes… the lies – the culprit of so much misery – can make you cry a river… when they’re not worth a damn.
    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on so many of my poems. Much appreciated.

    Dark Lord – you too! Thanks for all the kind words. Some words, like yours, are truly worthwhile. =)

  6. Even imperfections have little perfections that guides us wherever we go. Sometime I just pray to look upon all the good things in my life and but somewhere the imperfections covers the whole picture and I hate that feeling….

    • neilina – I try to always look on the bright side of things too… but, like you… sometimes, it’s not so easy.. sometimes… those imperfections just muliply like rabbits while we are busy looking the other way for the bright side.. and then BAM they are everywhere! ;)

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