can you hear me now?

Silent screams echo

with resounding denial

Can you hear me now?

11 Comments to “can you hear me now?”

  1. yes
    i’m sorry for bringing so much stress. I don’t understand anything here except that it hurts. Hoping that leaving this place will provide the space for things to progress towards the way it was before I barged in. Saying sorry has lost its meaning for me here. Sorry means I am willing to change the behavior. I obviously can’t do that. So it’s time for me to stop. Best of luck to you Sam

    • dirtclustit – . your comment.. almost seemed like it was from the one I wrote this about… but, I know you are not that person. I don’t even know you. Thank you anyway. Best of luck to you too.

  2. Oh sweet therapy…I hope writing it out brings solace.

  3. Lucky you are, since writing is your therapy… I think its the best way to deal with situations, since you pour forth the caustic emotions in words, and then you can contemplate rationally… and eventually come to a fruitful conclusion.

    • D.L. –
      yes.. a fruitful conclusion would be nice. Often, just pouring feelings out for the sake of venting alone is the best I can do.. but, if I can actually reach that conclusional fruit -?? well, that would be very nice. ;) Thanks for the read and comment. Always appreciated.

  4. Oh the war to be heard–really really heard–or seen–by others–especially the ones we try so hard to connect with on a meaningful level–and yet ‘fail’. What is the real problem with not being able to communicate? I don’t know. Does it all come down to people just not caring enought to pay attention? Selfishness? Lack of committment? Or are some just sadists who enjoy the struggles of others to be heard?
    If ‘we’ can hear you–why couldn’t ‘they”?

    • All very good questions, 47WB. Damned if I know the answers. A bigger question is how long do we keep trying to be heard by some people? and why should one have to try so damn hard with those particular people??
      Especially when there are others who seem to hear just fine?

  5. Let the words fall where they may. Easy enough to say, of course. But your haiku and the responses helped me understand something…

    I have to continue to “re-understand” it apparently. Our job is to write. The echoes bounce where they will. Not much control over that, it seems. We write for those who can hear, don’t we? Even if it’s just a few.

    • Hi there Haiku-Guy! … (and I say that with the most sincere affection & sincerity!)

      I like that… “the echoes bouncing where they will”…. True. True. We write for those who can “hear”… and, really… I think we should spend more of our time talking and loving those who really “hear” us in real life as well… even, if it’s just a few. =)

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