Lightly I feel it
upon my skin
Tiny droplets
I tilt my face up
to the grey heavens
moving forward
eyes closed
palms up
letting it hit me
Letting everything hit me

Momentary surprise  subsides
with only a few flinches
Reflexes tamed
by endurance
each drop more welcome
than the last
Resistance morphs
with acceptance
into pleasures
guilty as they may be
deserved or not
They start to form
in puddles at my feet
begging for playful splashes

Damn the consequences
Embrace the dampness
Surrender to the chill
Fear not the haze
Enjoy each sensation
Tingling mixture
from the storm that was
and the sun that seeks to shine
Keep walking through it
Trust each step
Savor each drop
Don’t stop
It’s not so bad
Not bad at all
This mist
of change


Rain awhile – by Stabilo

23 Comments to “Mist”

  1. this is very gentle, i like this. i apologize for being such a stranger, life is hectic these days and i’ve beome disinterested in my own writing. i hope you are having a wonderful holiday. *hugs*

  2. They start to form
    in puddles at your feet
    begging for playful splashes

    Love this! Love taking change head on. This is wonderful and alive.

  3. Oh Sam – this was beautiful!


  4. This is great, beautifully written it conjures images with in the mind, invites a chill that’s both daunting and soothing!

  5. This is SOOOOO Perfectly beautiful! You gift me MUCH with these words. Thank You!!!!!!! Cheers and Namaste. Dodging back up to read it again before sailing away through my day…

  6. Charles –
    Thank you… and don’t worry about being a stranger. I’ve been having trouble keeping up myself. I always come back though and your blog is always one I want to make sure I see. I’m glad that you found time to stop by and read this also. Holidays are not so great this year… I’m sort of going thru the motions… but, hopefully, this is just one more step in necessary changes for the better.

    Thank you. You would like that part the best. ;) Puddle jumping seems right up your alley… and, I say that with all good intentions as a compliment! =)

    M.L. –
    Thank you so much for saying so.. and the read. =)

    Duma –
    welcome, and thank you for stopping by. Daunting and Soothing… yes.. that’s the feeling I am feeling…

    blissbait –
    Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked this.. enough to read twice. =) Enjoying your beautifully artistic blog as well.

  7. Superb poetry… and such masterful imagery… I simply loved how you built up on the mist.. and then, what a splendid ending!!! Mist of change, indeed!

    • D.L.
      Thank you :) I’m very flattered… and glad you enjoyed this. Actually was inspired from a hail storm.. and then a pleasant mist that followed… It was pretty cool. And, personally…. my life is going through one of the biggest changes ever… so, I’m hoping I’m thru the hail… and looking forward to the sun… and trying to enjoy the mist in the mean time…

  8. Tingling mixture
    from the storm that was
    and the sun that seeks to shine

    Walking through the change and embracing it at the same time.
    I love it.

    • Opoetoo – welcome, and thank you for the read and letting me know you were here. As I mentioned in my last comment to DL… walking thru the change and ebracing it at the same time is exactly what I’m trying to do right now. Wish me luck! ;)

  9. your words paint the mist so clear I can sense the dew upon my skin… feel the dark light… for this is what I see through my minds eye… here… in your words… thank you for the sight

  10. O the ‘mists of change’ what a lovely image for a difficult transition time. And oh can I ‘relate’. Odd, you’ve written about ‘water’ and I’ve written about the lack of ‘water’–a desert landscape–but, I did post photos of an ocean beach…hmm…what’s this interconnection of creative energy flow?
    Gentle greetings to NOT Sam, this morning.

    • Thank you 47WB – for the lovely comments… your own lovely posts on your blog.. and, the gentle greetings. My creative energy seems to be coming in waves these days. I was on your blog… Yours seems to be flourishing…. Nice. Have a good one and keep up the energy flow…

      • Hey there Samantha, I know what you mean about the season and changes and all the rest. For me, this ‘season’ is difficult due to the extent it seems to be a denial of reality on so many levels–especially highlighted is the purpose of the ‘season’ in the economy. It just illuminates the lack of any spritual connection at all–so very ironic in a certain way. Such are the ways of the world at large.
        Still–may good things come your way. shanti

  11. Really enjoy the sensation of opening to what is coming at the very beginning of this – found my self with face tilting back – Such a deeply ineterior piece for us to enter too.

  12. obviously by the name I choose to us here….I love rain…and the softness of this…I could almost feel it….that tinging…that excitement…and the last lines…made me smile…

    Changes in our lives done w/ such softness and excitement…will only lead to sunshine….I loved this….am glad I visited here today….thank you

    • summerrain – I’m glad you visited too and that you liked this piece. Changes can be hard – even when they are good changes… but, I have to believe that if they are done for the right reasons, and in the right way, they will surely bring better things.

  13. Hey Samantha–it’s been a month–hail a haiku or something so we know if your still alive and kicking. shanti

    • hey 47WB – I’m alive… feeling a little like I’ve been the one getting kicked instead of the one doing much kicking… but, I’m alive… I am not sure why I haven’t written anything much lately… I need to…

  14. then the last – You mean “than.” Careful with these typos. They can really mess up the rhythm of a good poem.

    The imagery here is wonderful; you’ve got a good eye. Like any natural born writer you know poetry when you see it. You experience the inexplicable, like everybody else, but unlike them you have the hopeless urge to explicate it. Funny how that works.

    Anyway, for you it’s just a matter of connecting the eyes to the mouth. Work on your voice. Poetry isn’t journalism; you don’t report on beauty like you do a football game. Your words have to become the football game (or in this case, the rain).

    Good work.

    • kacoldwell – whoops.. I do need to watch my typos. I guess I aint much for grammer and punctiatien.. ;) lol Hmmm.. ?? “connecting the eyes to the mouth”.. sounds painful. ;) Sorry. I’m in a weird mood. Actually, I tend to have a problem connecting my brain to my mouth. I tend to write things much better than I can say them.. I do appreciate the feedback and input. I’ll take all the helpful advice I can get. So, thanks. =)

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