alpha male

head tilted sideways
belly up – jugular waits
is this what you want?

are you happy now?
content to live as alpha
ego satisfied

questions, like pride, swell
is it lonely at the top?
where fear, not love, reigns?

~  smj

23 Responses to “alpha male”

  1. Some sad powerful sentiments here. Sending out hugs…

  2. Oooooo….

    Sounds like the one I lived with for WAY too long…



  3. Ha damn.

    Nice post.

  4. juggler/jugular?

    • uh… would you believe there was a juggler and a joker that came running out to the rescue? lol Good catch. I fixed it. juggler did fit better though… ;) thanks for the visit. constructive criticism always welcome.

      • “juggler did fit better though” Agreed. However, your talent is already beyond relying on typos for its value.
        jugular awaits
        perhaps that imparts the flow

        Hell, Nick-cough it all out

        head tilted to the side
        belly up – jugular awaits

        thanks for lettin’ me let loose wit’ my lingo
        I feel better now

  5. Jaymie & ML – thank you for the visit and concern. Little set back here… feeling a little… trapped. But, really… I don’t surrender so easily as this… I’ll be ok.

    Anonymous – thanks. I’ll take a “ha damn!” any day. =)

  6. I got such a sweet pain reading this.

    don’t know if that was the intent.

    doesn’t matter, does it? the beauty is in the eye beholding.

    I’m beholding to you . . .

    michael j

  7. liked this…the writing of it….but should never have fear…hugs your way

  8. Lately I wonder if ‘love’ reigns anywhere.
    Hi Samantha.
    Oh the Alpha–I have a woman character named Alpha–at the tine I was thinking more of ‘stars’ in the sky than alpha dogs/males.
    hope all is good with you..

  9. Well done and very wise words.

  10. Your honesty in writing has prompted me to add you to my blog roll..Look forward to more of your heartfelt work.

  11. contoveros –
    hello. thank you for visiting and the sweet words to go with your sweet pain..

    thank you. wouldn’t it be nice if fear was an option we could chose to opt out of? And we could just say, “No thanks, I’ve had my fill of fear for today, thank you. Can you kindly try another tactic to control me please?”… hmmmm…?? maybe, I’ll try exactly that line and see what happens… ;)

    hello… and thank you. Surely, it must reign SOMETIMES, SOME WHERE… right?? (here’s where you say, “I can’t help but wonder… and don’t call me Shirley”..;) I hear ya… but, I like to think it’s looming somewhere off in the distance… Where can I hear more about the alpha character you mentioned? Sounds interesting…

    tobeme –
    thank you… funny, I didn’t feel so smart or wise writing it.. Feeling trapped is never a good feeling… Still, thanks for saying so and for the read.

    bindo –
    yeah? cool. thanks much. I appreciate that!!

  12. Loved these lines….
    “is it lonely at the top?
    where fear, not love, reigns? ”
    Like always, I loved this one too.

  13. Words are such cute little devices for saying WAY more than what first appears … the tone in this and the emotion bubbling up underneath the obvious is amazingly strong!!! Reading through comments added another dimension still. I will just say great poem and avoid the advice on fear, control, anger, etc.

  14. I love your blog :) and so I am giving it the Sunshine Blog Award. You have to visit my blog to “pick it up!” I received the award myself and am passing it along to 12 blogs. So that’s how it works.

    And your blog definitely is on my list! I’m still working on my list of twelve :)

    Congratulations on a great blogging effort. It is definitely a “sunshine” blog for me…

    And I did read this poem a while back. I am just now giving it a whole bunch of stars. And I guess a flower, too! LOL!

  15. powerful! keep doing your do


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