moon walk

the moon waits for me
anxiously, just like my dog
together, we walk

awkward eager steps
find their way and a rhythm
heartbeat sets the pace

warm breath curls as smoke
disappearing in cold air
feeding night’s blackness

bright eyes smile at me
waiting for me to catch up
moon pulls up the rear

~ smj



Man of the Hour, by Norah Jones

16 Comments to “moon walk”

  1. Nothing better than walking with the moon – especially in winter with the snow catching the light and sparkling.

    Pretty Sam.


  2. wonderful.
    sets a moody scene which i like

  3. *smile*

    I like it even more now – feels like I could be there, maybe walking to some other destination in an opposite direction and taking a second to look up at you briefly in a greeting as we cross paths on our separate ways.


  4. This is cool in an understated way….But then Haiku’s have a tendency to do that! (Grin)

  5. Beautiful and a haiku to boot.

  6. i just be quite and join the rest

    the first one was my best part
    would like to have it on a T-shirt

  7. I really like this poem. I am just delving into the world of haiku. So, I appreciate reading the works of others in order to shape my understanding & to get my creative juices flowing.

    thx 4 the great read.


  8. OMG! How did I miss these until now? I love what you did here! It’s got all the great things I like – the moon, night, animals, walking, and 4 haiku… This is quite an inspiration, you had.

    • Hi again… and, glad you did find this – since it has all your favorites and everything. =) I always get inspired when walking my dog late at night… and, I think you and I like a lot of the same things, my friend… =) Then again…. what’s not to like about the moon? or night? or animals? or walking? or haiku??? take care!

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