You don’t know me, but…

You don’t know me
I’m the one that got away
away from you
away from me
away from reality
Only to come crawling back
(to reality, not you)
before you even missed me

You don’t know me
you might think you do
or not
Either way you don’t
and, you never will
you never really had me
you never really got me
so, you can’t really lose me

You don’t know me,
I’m the one that broke your heart
that wasted your time
that ruined your life
that hurt you so bad
but you don’t see
how much you hurt me
so, I guess, we’re even there

You don’t know me
it’s okay
it’s better this way
you might thank me some day
or not
Either way
we’ll all be okay

we’ll all be okay
we’ll all be okay

~ smj


Moving In Stereo & All Mixed up, by The Cars…
(best listened to cranked up with headphones!)


26 Comments to “You don’t know me, but…”

  1. you are o.k

    it’s hard with the rhymes, therefore i appreciate it even more

  2. Hi, Very nice poem. I mean deep and nice. :) I found you by the tag “truth” I am connecting to similar minded people. anyhow hope to speak with you in the future. by for now

  3. loose/lose
    two different terms
    common misspelling

  4. and one day….it will all be okay….smiles

  5. Please stop by at your convenience and visit my Unexpected Gifts tab. There you will find an award under the heading Getting Krafty. The rules are there if you care to participate but more importantly I want you to know that I think you are creative and inspiring. Thank you for being one of the reasons I keep blogging.

  6. Okie dokie kioki

    Are we okay now?
    Yass, we are..
    No, not really
    That’s what I thought


  7. WOW that’s all I can say!!!!!!

  8. this is great. strength mixed with sarcasm. bitterness mixed with knowledge of something that IS ok … a sense of completion… this is a one of kind piece of poetry/prose… authentic and refreshing. nice one Sam

  9. Yep been there. Felt that. Lots of universal truths here. Well said ! :)

    • thanks colleenincarins. have you been here and done this? Maybe not exactly.. but, then again.. who knows? It always amazes me when I find people who can relate. the itnernet is cool like that.

  10. i can relate to this yet i can’t, and thats wat makes this sooooo good =) well spoken. and yes hopfully soon it’ll all be okay.

    • thanks sweetie
      (I’m leaving off the bitter on purpose.. cause you don’t seem so bittersweet to me…)
      Life is strange… that’s for sure.. every time I think I have something figured out… anything, really… I learn, I have much to learn…

      • as well as i have much to learn i’m still in highschool, hahaha i guess you could say a lot, i have a lot more to learn. And Thankyou, your sweet 2. and yes life is strange, in ways that somehow don’t even surprise me anymore. =D

  11. sweetie –
    yeah… well… trust me… it gets stranger! Don’t say you were never warned.. ;) lol Some things.. I guess, we all learn the hard way. take care.

  12. Excellent poetry. This one really moved me. Thanks for sharing.

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