ask again later

turn world upside down
shake it up –  ask a question
“ask again later”

12 Comments to “ask again later”

  1. reminds me of a magic 8 ball haha lol =)

  2. ha. i used to have one of those. :)

  3. I had a little one on a keychain.

  4. I like this one!

    I’ll check back again later :)

  5. I can give you the link to the Magic 8 ball online, if you need it. haha I “accidentally” found it one day. But I like this haiku especially because it’s a little bit deeper than just a simple magic 8 ball… know what I mean?

    It reminds me of something I wrote, concerning the frustration of not finding answers, but having a whole lot of questions. I think we had a little discussion about this? :)

    You done good on this one, Am (Not) One of my favorites of yours, I think!

  6. Charles –
    =) didn’t we all? I loved mine… even though, it hardly ever worked.. Go figure. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for the visit.

    Jaymie –
    Now, that might come in handy when on the road without a GPS … lost… or trying to get lost… ;)

    Terri –
    Thanks for visitng… and, I hope they were good memories. =)

    loriswords –
    Cool beans. Please do. =)

    Robert –
    Thanks, and yeah… I’ve seen those online ones. Not quite the same, huh? And, of course you are right, and this goes deeper than the magic 9-ball reference. Always too many questions… never enough answers… especially not GOOD answers… and least of all “easy” ones. Glad you liked this. =)

  7. Reaaly cute yet hints at something deeper, more profound about life and finding our place in it …

  8. Yes! Some things need to be said–or asked–again and again.

    • Judith – this is the story of my life… never any definite answers, it seems… just keep asking… keep trying… keep going…

      Thanks for doing some more digging around on my blog… It’s very cool to see comments on some of my older poems… =)

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