I tried not to want
now I want too much, it seems
can’t settle again

10 Comments to “want”

  1. *small nod*

    It goes that way…


  2. why is it we always want to much?

  3. Yeah–once ‘wanting’ arrives it’s hard to give it a kick in the ass out the door. BAH!
    Bullseye–Not SAM. grins and waves!

  4. Settling… oh well, we’ve all done it. Desires difficult cards. Always in the deck. :) This haiku really has a nice progression. :)

  5. You do Haiku so well. I’ve never tried it. Yours is so inspiring and honest, that I think might just give it a try.

    Yes, that’s the way it is at times. Try as I may not to want, the want becomes stronger. Sigh….

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. We never really go back.

  7. wordsweneversaid –
    thanks for stopping by… and the nod. I guess it does go that way, eh?

    Terri –
    human nature, I guess…. I don’t think it’s the wanting that is bad… especially if we aren’t asking for much.

    47whitebuffalo –
    ha! yes. it’s stubborn like that! lol hi 47WB! Always good to see you. =)

    Existential Poet –
    =) yup… we have a loaded deck in life… for sure! thanks for the read. =)

    cordieb –
    thank you. I never did haiku til this past year… thought I’d try it too.. liked it… so I keep doing it. I like the way it packs so much into so little… Thanks for the visit and take care. =)

    Hi Jaymie –
    hmmmm.. ? right… I guess, you’re right… even if we TRY to go back… it’s never really the same, is it? Life always moves forward… like it or not. Thanks for the read and comments. =)

  8. Always happened like this in life. We want something that we think that is important for us than we aren’t sure of it and then we want more and more!
    We are so difficult persons, isn’t it? :))

    Enjoy the moment,my dear friend!!! :)

  9. sound like you’re at odds with yourself. ;) :)

    Forgive the shameless self promotion. Your piece just spoke to me and reminded me of this one I recently wrote. It’s not exactly the same as yours but it’s the thought that came up.

    Keep turning pieces out Sam. I like em. :)

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