seasons change

life and seasons change

against the wind and all odds

fall forward, spring back 

12 Comments to “seasons change”

  1. Change, the friction of movement.

  2. cool haiku.
    it makes a very true statement

  3. what a wonderful last line…

    fall forward, spring back

  4. I agree with Dhyan–wonderful line–crazy concept of ‘savings time’ though. Hi.

  5. Change, gotta move with it hey… I’m currently thinking of mmaking some major changes in my life.

  6. I love this haiku.every time i read one i imagine it in my mind and it’s just beautiful.Words have a big power sometimes ;) :)

    have a magnificent day!!!! :)

  7. Jaymie
    Is that what that is that keeps shocking me every time I reach out and touch anything while shuffling thru life?? lol

    Thanks… and, yes… no way to get around time marching on, is there? Lately, I’m amazed at how life, and people, change in general…
    Thanks for the read. =)

    Thanks… I almost wrote it the usual way… “Fall forward, spring back”… but, liked the change up of it. Take care.

    47WB –
    =) yes… might not work so good for daylight savings time, eh? I think we should all do it anyway… just for shits and giggles… ;) lol

    Hello and thank you for the read and comment. I hope you are looking at “good” changes.. although… sometiems, we never really can tell til we make the move, right? Worth a shot anyway…

    2a24 –
    thank you.. and, yes.. we can pack a lot of punch with only a few words sometimes… can’t we? I’m glad you liked this. Keep that imagination running… wild…

  8. i love Jaymie’s take! :)

    Me likey this one. It’s simple and succinct like. it’s good mayne!

  9. Good one! I think that one of your strengths is taking things that we’ve always heard, taken for granted, etc., and turning them around, looking at them from a different perspective. Sometimes you do this in a humorous way, sometimes not. Sometimes both!

    I think it’s just the right sort of “strength” for haiku. And of course more than just haiku. But it seems to lend itself to haiku rather nicely, don’t you think?

    • I do think. I’m glad you think so to. Sometimes, I feel like I’m cheating.. by using a saying that is already commonly known.. but, I like putting my own spin on it.. and if YOU say it’s ok.. then, it must be okay. ;)

  10. Mmmm. Yep!

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