Denial sweeps in
smiling while
building up walls
protecting and serving
providing temporary shelter
waiting to face
the incredibly cold

Anger bursts in
shield and sword in hand
shaking indignant fingers
and righteous fists
throwing blind punches
sharp jabs of rage
fighting back

Bargaining sneaks in
promising change
offering deals
of a lifetime, and more
struggling to give away
what it doesn’t possess
finding only broken

Depression sinks in
swallows everything up whole
chokes it all down
without so much as
even pretending to care
drowning sorrows
washing away

Acceptance comes home
Learning lessons from truth
Allowing tears of pain, and joy
Mending broken hearts
Daring to dream and hope anew
Willing to let love in again
Opening closed

~ smj

To Build a Home – by, Cinematic Orchestra

34 Responses to “Grief”

  1. You truly amaze me how you can take something/anything and make it special and beautiful!!! You are and will always be my favorite poet (in case you didn’t know it?) LOL

  2. Just beautiful – one of the best I have read here so far.


  3. Awards for you here,my dear friend:

    Have a wonderful night!!! :) ;)

    • Wow. Thanks 2a24. =) I admit, I’m not so good with the awards… at least not at being prompt with passing them along.. but, I certainly appreciate your thinking I deserve it. =)

      • Your welcome,my friend!!
        I apreciate your talent and i like how you express feelings through poems.
        Keep express yourself ;)

        Have a great day!!! :)

  4. I love your words and also the spiralling imagery that takes the reader along for the ride !

  5. This is healing…this is the process…this is acceptance of loss and promises of hope. Everything changes, every moment is fleeting, there is nothing to hold on to, but faith in this truth.

    I have posted quite a few poems on this subject myself…seing that I loved someone deeply for a long time, and still do, although I have understood in heart and mind, the true meaning of that love and our roles in each others lives.

    Thank for sharing openly.

    • thank you so much for the kind words and visit. I’m glad to have found your blog too! Really great writing and thoughts there. I hope to spend more time there soon….

  6. Oh why do I so abhore that “hope anew” phase. Makes me want to run for cover. Hope can be such an awful thing.

    • 47WB –
      Hmmm.. really? Abhore hope anew? Doesn’t sound good to me.. I tend to think Hope is all we have sometimes.. and, sometimes.. it’s enough for me… I don’t know that I would like it if I couldn’t even dare to have hope.. Although, I supose, it depends what you are hoping for..
      Hi back. =)

  7. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

    Indeed a perilous road you forged. but you made it to acceptance, many do not. many get lost somewhere between the many paths. the many roads. I hope the many see your words and your journey and find their way to where you ended. for now. and let them know that there will be more to come, yet the knowledge is there for the taking. let them learn

    • enreal…
      thank you… and, I think acceptance can be fleeting some days.. feels like I have to find my way there again and again sometimes. ;) Maybe, it’s get’s easier to find with practice? If this poem helps anyone find anything good… I’m happy. Take care.

  8. Grieving — portrayed in such splendor, step by step, just the essentials of each emotional mountain we must dare to face, climb, conquer, and embrace … reinforces my belief that ultimately, the best way out is always through, even if we cannot see it at the time. Great read Sam!!

    • Purple –
      Thanks much.. and yes.. I guess. the best way “out” IS “thorugh”… often, it might be the ONLY way “out”. ;)
      Thanks for the read and thoughts… much appreciated.

  9. You are a gifted writer. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

    • tobeme – coming from you?… that means a lot to me. Your blog has been a positivt influence on me many times… matter of fact.. I need to head there now. Thanks again. =)

  10. Love the words and the whirlwind visual. Wonderful.

  11. Very good. Very well written, says a lot.

  12. Jaymie – thanks. the visual was sort of a mistake… just worked out that way… but, glad you like it.

    absurdbird – thank you. =)

  13. Adding you to my blog roll =) Hoping to be in contact through our writings.

  14. it’s a long process but a one we must undergo..
    i think we walk it more often then we think but mostly it is too quick for us to notice..

  15. I liked this one a lot, Samantha …

  16. Ahhhh, this is beautiful. I’ve had a lot of loss in my life, most recently my little dog. Your words ring powerful and true.


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