dependable me

dependable me

support system to the stars

all systems go down


~ smj

13 Comments to “dependable me”

  1. Dependable me

    Not a perfect iron girl

    But still good enough…


  2. These two haiku are very interesting. And I notice that they were posted rather early in the am… I do that often, myself. It’s an enjoyable time to write.

    You really added a good twist on the last line of this haiku. It was building up in one direction, all strength, etc. Plus the ironic and facetious direction. Then you added that third line haiku “kicker” which makes it stop the mind so well. Of course, I’m going on too long here, but you might have noticed that I’m sort of a haiku fan! lol!

    Austin Hartley-Leonard & Kendall Jane Meade In My Sleep

    I think you will like this youtube, btw…

    • Hey.. that is a good song. I have never watched the “chuck” show.. so, first time hearing it. Thanks. I love finding new music I like..

      And, glad you liked this haiku.. the last line, the “kicker”, was what I was going for. I am really NOT feeling so dependable these days… but, feel like everyone keeps leaning on me anyway.. which usually is ok….I probably encourage and expect it too much, actually.. but, sometimes…. well.. it’s a bit much.
      I guess we can all feel like that sometimes…

  3. OUCH! Hi.
    all systems go down

    Not so good at all. No fun. No me likely. Way to much of this in the world at large.

    Time to go UP!

  4. Sometimes you need to be dependable to yourself first before you”ve given out every inch of yourself and theres nothing left to keep you sane. Then your systems won’t go down.

  5. Yeah. Absolutely. You’re there for other people and then suddenly – wham, down you go. Does anyone notice? Nope, rarely.

    I’ve added your blog to my feed reader. Like it.

  6. i find the key is balance.

    which is sometimes easier than at other times…


  7. 47WB – hi and thanks for the visit. Yeah.. no fun is right.. and there does seem to be an overwhelming amount of people who are utterly overwhelmed lately, isn’t there?? What’s up with that?

    Mr. I – hey you.. and yes.. of course you are right… but, it’s never that easy is it? Perhaps it should be.

    – =) hello! (love the name). Welcome and thanks for all your comments. I’m honored to be added to your blogroll and look forward to checking out your blog too soon. =)

    Catherine – what is this thing you speak of called “balance”.?? ;) LOL I am sure you are right.. but, just as sure I’m way off center lately with no clue how to stop leaning every which way but towards the middle. ;)

  8. hee hee hee
    The big moment of enlightenment for me was realizing that in life balance is not a static pie chart, but rather adynamic process

    the best image I have is…
    when you were younger, did you ever try to balance standing on the middle of a teeter totter? Your feet only occasionally level, mostly moving from one slant to another?

    That’s balance. Not 50/50 or 20/20/40/20 but a dynamc process constantly in movement but always adding up to 100% of your heart

    Seesaw balancing
    Up and down and up again
    Lifestyle harmony…

    • I remember the teeter totter fondly… thanks for the analogy.. AND the nice haiku at the end. =)

      • you’re welcome-

        once I got the picture that balance was dynamic not static it made all the difference to reaching that state more frequently. Now, when I listen to my body and my intuition, it tells me when I’m in balance and when it’s time to shift my focus

        As someone with chronic fatigue syndrome, that’s been pretty important


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