old dogs learn

life teaches lessons

proving time and time again

old dogs learn new tricks



17 Comments to “old dogs learn”

  1. Oh so true ! NO excuses with this one !

  2. Well, I wasn’t paying attention. This haiku was not posted in the early am. Oh well. Anytime is a good time to write. :) There is some truth to this haiku, I think. Even though I am not so thrilled at having a haiku written about me and the other… old dogs. LOL!

  3. Man – I hope that’s true.


  4. I think it is called survival. :-)

  5. You have right:life teach us lessons indeed :)
    Interesting words and interesting view of life ;)

    Enjoy the moment!! :)

  6. BRILLIANT! AND Thank God! There’s hope for me yet! :lol: Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. :)

  7. Very true.

  8. wordwand – hello, and welcome here. thanks for the read and letting me know you stopped by.

    colleenincairns – hi.. and, yes… no excuses! =)

    Existential Poet – LOL… oh stop.. age is only relative…

    kseverny – yup. they do. almost every dog I ever had was an old dog… and it learned plenty. ;)

    ML – Believe it. =)

    Jaymie – LOL.. I supose… although, I it is possible to survive while living and repeatings.. rather than live & learning…

    Alina – thank you. I’m trying. You too!

    Blissbait – LOL Yes.. always hope… especially for someone like you. You are dripping with hope. =)

    – thanks for chirping in… ;)

  9. Grin…
    You know it….I finally learned to fetch…The bacon that is..

  10. I really like this one Sam!!

    …even if they don’t learn *new* ones they learn how to tweak old ones god as new… :)

    hey! guess what!

    It’s my birthday today!! and I’m having a little challenge! :)
    To begin:
    Read the Tally Post
    Find pieces you like
    Rate em.

    Not necessarily in that order ;)

    If you win you get to select the topic of one of my next poems!

  11. love it
    like the comparison of men and dog’s tricks

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