Sight of Mind

Is it over?
Is it safe
to open my eyes?
Relax white-knuckled grip?
Unclench teeth?
Let my smile drop
along with my guard?
Until my eyes finally rise,
daring to meet the world’s gaze
along with yours?

And, what will they find?

Smiling eyes
shining with reassurance?
Looks of love
with depths unknown to get lost in?
Welcoming pools of acceptance?
Seas of invigorating possibilities?
Humble tides of honesty
rushing in, filling the future
with bright new opportunities
and great expectations?

Or rather
only downward, sideways glances?
Slowly turning
to scowls of condemnation,
shooting daggers of disbelief
into rivers of distress
that swell up with hurtful truths
and flood over into unforgiving oceans
wrenching with remorse?

Or will there only be closed eyes to meet?
Rapidly darting beneath their own lids,
preferring to sleep, they go on…
Still dreaming…
Still wishing…
Still seeing a girl
they thought they once knew.
A girl who never stopped smiling
or clinging to illusions.
A girl, a vision, of happiness,
strength and courage. A girl
one could hold on to in the dark
(among other things)
in utter blissful ignorance, safely
behind closed doors
and eyelids.

Out of sight,
Out of mind?


2-18-13 slightly revised

Silent Lucidity, by Queensryche

8 Comments to “Sight of Mind”

  1. “In utter blissful ignorance
    safely behind closed doors and eyelids” – sometimes they are the only places that feel safe. Wishing you peace.

  2. very profound thoughts and words… Out of sight… yes. Out of mind… never.

    I felt these words as a powerful journey into discovering the meaning of painful truths and possibilities. Nice one Sam

  3. The words send me lot of emotions!
    Thank you,dear friend!

    Enjoy the moment!!! :)

  4. As usual, you do such a great job of tapping into a universal human experience.

  5. You are an amazing writer. Whenever I read your posts I can feel your emotions through the words on the screen. Thank you =D

  6. daring to meet the world together—YES!

    You ‘go’, Samantha–you ‘go’!

  7. Jaymie – thanks… yes.. sometimes.. and sometimes even there we can have trouble feeling safe..

    enreal – thank you sincerely. And yes – you nailed it, ” powerful journey into discovering the meaning of painful truths and possibilities” .. (damn, you’re good! ;)

    bindo – thanks dude! =) I’m glad.

    Alina – thank you for the read, and letting me know you were here. I wish you lots of good feelings… =)

    colleenincairns – thanks… and as usual… I’m amazed when I find out it’s so universal. LOL ;)

    – thank you so much. =) It’s always good to see you and read your work as well.

    47WB – =) thank you, friend. I’m trying… I’m trying…

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