lie sweetly…

not again not you
can’t take anymore bad news
lie sweetly and smile

just think positive
don’t let them get you down now
lie sweetly and smile

Lord help me get thru
or help them so I’ll need none
hello? are you there?

I didn’t think so
back to smiling and lying
inside I’m dying

enough about me
what can I do to help you?
lie sweetly and smile

~ smj

2 Comments to “lie sweetly…”

  1. I really relate to this group of haiku. I am not sure that I lie “sweetly” all that much. But just the same. I’m in a place at my job where I’m really between a rock and a hard place, and it’s hard to go along with this “game” that you describe here. It’s not really much of a game, I guess. Just life.

    Oh well, what we go through, I guess…

    • Ha… yeah… well… seems to be contagious these days or something.. being between a rock and a hard place, I mean. It’s getting really tough to get sympathy these days when everyone ya meet has got it so bad! LOL ;)

      Life, isn’t always fair.. is it?

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