Tomorrow comes
Tomorrow goes
Today is here
but for a moment

won’t go away
It remains
to complain
or boast of

 And so you are…
and so I am…
and so we all are…
and so…
so what?

Don’t waste your time
analyzing this rhyme
It came
It went
and here it remains

or cheers

And so it is
and so it is
and so we all are
and so…
so what
of it?


~~ smj


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6 Comments to “Inane”

  1. just reminded me of that phrase….”it is what it is”….
    nice to see you writing…..smiles….I always enjoy it….

  2. for being so simple -this made me think deep – even though that is exactly what you told me not to do!? wtf

  3. This is a classic SamIam(not) poem :) Yes, a lot of your poems are deceptively simple, but they have that edge to them. I am laughing as I write this. But of course, it’s the deceptively simple laughter. lol! See what I mean?

  4. Thanks all….
    And yes – that is what I was thinking…. – “it is what it is”.
    Sort of.

    I could try to explain, but, it would seem more like babbling… and, actually, part of the point of this was that I’m tired of trying to explain and figure things out. The other part was I watched a documentary on Jim Morrison and The Doors just before writing this… and that should explain a lot right there. =)

  5. i like this. it sounds like my thoughts, like my brain trying to talk to my heart, and my heart half listening.

    • almondjoycie – =) thank you…. hearts are funny like that, huh? of course, it’s only fair since our brains rarely listen to our hearts 100% either! ;)

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