rivers of haiku

eloquent words flow
simple truths, triple meanings
rivers of haiku

(I wrote this originally in a comment I left on Robert Lew’s blog,  My Haiku World,  and was referring to his haiku in particular.  
If you like haiku – that’s the place to visit!)

5 Comments to “rivers of haiku”

  1. I like this… I normally don’t venture to the haiku… but I like this

  2. A superb haiku on haiku! You redifine versatile! :)

    Hey, its been an ETERNITY! Missed blogging, missed your blog, and finally great to get back here.

    BTW, I seem to remember you started a new blog. In case you didn’t, please ignore this, and if you did, I’d be grateful if you could send me a link! After all, any writing that’s yours, is not worth missing! :)

  3. Lovely. True. Thank You and Cheers and Namaste. :)

  4. Yes, I love your haiku haiku. And be sure to check this haiku out! http://mondoabstracto.com/2010/06/14/might-hurt-yourself/
    lol! I told you I was gonna do it!

  5. enreal – thank you. haiku sort of grew on me… but, it’s not for everyone. glad you liked this.

    D.L. – hey… yes… been a long time, bud. great to “see” you… and thanks for the kind words.

    blissbait – hello, and thank you for the visit and well wishes. same to you! =)

    Robert – thanks! it was more about your haiku, specifically… so, glad you liked it. I checked out the other blog too.. you are full of surprises. I like co-writing haiku with the master.. ;)

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