Favorite Things To Do

So, I read this…  a while ago… and started this post.. but, never finished it til now..  

=== from: http://foresightyourctpsychic.wordpress.com/2010/02/07/your-life-mission-looking-for-clues/

Start by sitting yourself down in a quiet place with a pen and paper, and making a list of your favorite things to do. The things that wake your spirit up. The things that give you that “idiot grin” that I’m so fond of. The things that you dream of doing. The things your spirit hungers for. The things you always feel better after you do them.

You know. The things that make life juicy for you.

These may be things that you knock yourself out to make time for. They may be the things that it kills you that you can’t find time for. They may be things you dream of doing some day when you’ve got enough money/time/courage/ energy/etc. ; or they may be dreams you’ve put aside.

They’re not always easy. Making dreams come true can be hard work. They’re not always happy-there can be bumps along the road to Utopia. But they’re the things that call to you.

Go ahead I’ll wait…..


Ok…   so, here goes:

My List of Favorite Things To Do:

  1. Spending time with my kids / family..  
     Family is HUGE to me… of course.  My husband, my wonderful boys, my brothers, even my in-laws and extended family.   I love them all, so MUCH…and, I could go on and on about them…  and always enjoy hanging with them…
  2. Writing…  poetry or journaling
    I like to write for myself..   just to vent…  but, I also like to write for or to others.  Blogging is fun…   cause I can get feedback and input… but, I would like to write even if not sharing it . 
  3. listening to music / watching bands… 
    I need to have music playing at all times…. and, I love to sing  and get into the lyrics too.
  4. Playing pool… 
    8-ball to be exact.  I like competition…  I also like to just let loose and have fun with it.
  5. Hanging out with friends. 
    – love my friends…. love to laugh with my friends… Along with writing, they are my therapy.
  6. Animals – specifically Dogs…
    Love training, and just playing with/being with.  Fostered german shepherds for a while, and I miss that.
  7. Walking in the woods
    with my dog… and sometimes with kids too…  Like the quiet and nature.
  8. Helping people
    in general… but especially kids.  I get along great with kids… and like teaching/training.    I like to be there…  and to help people get through something difficult if possible.
  9. taking pictures and sharing them
    People don’t bother taking pictures when they know I’m coming to their events…
  10. making cool/easy graphics or web design
    fun.. if I have the time…
  11. reading about other real life situations that I can relate to or learn from
  12. riding fast..  convertible… or motorcycles

Not necessarily in that order….

And that’s it for now…

3 Comments to “Favorite Things To Do”

  1. Sounds like a great list of clues. I’m seeing creativity, beauty, writing and people skills right from the start…:)


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