deep breaths

perhaps at midnight
honesty will show it’s face
in easy    deep     breaths


Just a little haiku I wrote in response to one of Robert Lew’s recent haiku, called “Honest Breathing”…   where he wrote:

honest breathing

 evening sun burns hot
too hot for honest breathing …
inhale at midnight

       2010/06/05 by Robert Lew

5 Comments to “deep breaths”

  1. your words burned in my chest… I felt them… i know them… thank you

  2. enreal –
    I believe you… your poems often have the same effect on me. take care.

    fiveloaf –
    thank you… I’m fairly new to writing haiku – but, the style really grew on me. Hope you stop back again.


    I am doing this to show my appreciations to your support.
    if you accept one or two and share, then that’s a great bliss,
    no obligations…
    Happy Sunday ahead!

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