The Friend

I’ll lift you up
and make you believe
in yourself, or whatever you want
to believe.

I’ll be there for you
whether you’re right
or wrong, I’ll always be on your side
you know

I’ve got your back.
And if you need anything
don’t ask, just take, go ahead and expect it
you know

I’ll give you the shirt
right off of my back
or lend you an ear, or a hand, hell,
take them both

along with my shoulder
to lean or to cry on.
Go ahead, let it out. It’s good for you and
of course I don’t mind

And when you’re done
I’ll help dry your eyes,
turn your frown upside down, then
bring you to tears

of laughter and joy.
I’ll make you laugh so hard
your face will hurt, and you’ll have to  let go
of your stress

to catch your breath.
Yes, I’ll help you forget all
your troubles and convince you they weren’t
worth your time.

Yes, I’ll put a smile
on your face
even if it kills me.  I will.  So help me
I will.

And you don’t need to worry
about me.
Never worry
about me.
Just forget
about me
along with your troubles

until the next time
you need
a friend

that you don’t even


~ smj

“Well, I know you wish you were strong
You wish you were never wrong
Well, I got some wishes of my own…”

– from “Anything but down”, by Sheryl Crow

11 Comments to “The Friend”

  1. Well stated and melodic as well. A wonderful poem.

  2. nice. a little bit of a bite in the close there as well…

  3. Carol King has nothing on you…
    Perfect ending

  4. Wow. That was beautiful. Very heartfelt.

  5. oh my! a loving poem :)

    straight from the heart it is…

  6. You just described my first (and last) close friendship – and the reason there will never be another like it.

    I hate thinking you know enough of what this feels like to describe it so well first hand but if that is the case, you did a very good job and I am sorry.

    I hope you have better luck in a future friendship.


  7. nicely done,
    well, being positive and hopeful in friendships is vital…

  8. Beautiful, the way you expressed your emotions and the flow.
    Sometimes I never find the definition of “enough” in friendship and the craving just keeps on going.

  9. rbued –
    thank you so much… I’m glad you could still feel the melody in this sort of rambling poem…

    yes… a little bite showing thru in the end… but, there all along really. thanks for the read and comment.

    LOL… I don’t think she would like my version… her song makes her sound like a much better friend. ;)

    thank you so much. I’m glad you liked this.

    Harshika –
    thank you for the read and comment…. heartfelt? yes. loving? perhaps… in a “love hurts” sort of way… ;)

    M.L. –
    yep… some so called friendships can go this way I guess… but, I do have some other close friends, thanksfully, that I can never see this happening – and, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I hope you do too… cuz it doens’t have to be like that… and shouldn’t be…

    thank you… and yes… it is.

    purplepuppet –
    thank you. “enough” isn’t about the craving… because those can stick with you… but, more knowing when it’s more hurtful/harmful then good. =)

  10. It’s funny in a terrible sort of dark humor kind of way how friendships can become so one sided and awful. I really like the flow of this right at the beginning. I hope you find someone who understands that friendship is a give and take and actually requires effort on the other person’s part.

    • Thanks wordcoaster… and, oh yes… I am lucky enough to have some other very good friends in this life. Don’t know where I’d be without them…

      Thanks for the read. =)

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